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Biomedic Hair Growth Supplements

Bio-Medic topical treatment supplements work best or clients who are strarting to notice thinning of their hair. Bio-Medic’s Hair Loss Treatment Formulas and supplements offer proven methods of controlling hair loss and stimulating a return to thicker hair. 

Laser hair growth treatments will enhance the effects of topical treatment a great deal. This is the easiest way to get started with your Biomedic treatment products. One package provides approximately one month's worth of supplements and topical treatments for hair growth and offers DHT inhibitors including:

1) Permixon Complex herbal supplements (120 Softgel Capsules), 

2) A Shampoo Treatment, 

3) A Conditioner,

4) Formula 1500 (Minoxidil product) 

5) Coenzyme Concentrate to enhance the benefits of Formula 1500.

Permixon Complex Capsules

Most men and women lose their hair due to the body’s natural production of DHT. In the 70s French scientists discovered that properties within the Saw Palmetto Cactus reduce the body’s ability to produce the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT.  

The Saw Palmetto Cactus grows wild in Florida, where it was long used by Native Americans as an herbal medicine. Today you will find Saw Palmetto derivatives on the shelves of many vitamin shops. Quality and price depend on the part of the plant that’s used - berries, leaves or roots. Bio-Medic’s Permixon Complex uses the berries - these are the tiniest part of the plant and the most expensive to process. They are squeezed and tested for presence of the desired properties. Pumpkin seed enhances the strength and effectiveness of our product.

Formula 1500 Triple Strength

Designed for use with Enhanced Coenzyme.

Formula 1500 Triple Strength is designed to act more efficiently than other Minoxidil-based products. It contains 5% Minoxidil along with a high level of Hyaluronic Acid that maximizes delivery of the other active ingredients to the subcutaneous layer of tissue and increases tissue hydration; 3% Azelaic Acid acts as a powerful topical DHT blocker; a vasodilator dilates tiny blood vessels in the skin.

Use this product with Enhanced CoEnzyme.

Research shows that 98% of scalp levels of DHT (a key factor in hair loss) can be blocked with the combined daily use of Formula 1500 triple strength and Enhanced Co-Enzyme.  Simply stated, these two products are the most effective topical combination in the marketplace today.

Enhanced Coenzyme

Designed for use after application of Formula 1500 Triple Strength. Enhanced Coenzyme contains Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (B-6), which combines with the Azelaic Acid in the Formula 1500 Triple Strength to become an extremely efficient blocking agent for DHT (a key factor in hair loss); this product also contains 3% biotin in solution, which helps the skin metabolize DHT more quickly. When used in conjunction with Formula 1500 Triple Strength - our triple strength Minoxidil product - Enhanced Coenzyme maximizes hair growth potential.  The two combined are the most effective topical combination in the marketplace today.

Shampoo Treatment

Biomedic Shampoo Treatment is a gentle cleansing product made of complex organic components. Amino acids help repair and restore each hair strand. This shampoo contains generous amounts of all 21 amino acids in free form, in the exact ratio found in human hair.

Advanced Styling Conditioner

Most people who suffer hair loss have an oily scalp. Some conditioners use oils and waxes that build up on the scalp and create problems; there are better ways to hydrate and condition the hair. Bio-Medic’s Advanced Styling Conditioner conditions the hair by restoring the moisture balance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. molecular level, dramatically amplifying hair volume and style.

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