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HRC Changes The Way Women Think about Beauty Enhancements

HRC Changes The Way Women Think about Beauty Enhancements

HRC offers women Risk-free, Reversible Enhancement


With the increased safety of many procedures, and the promises of longer-lasting beauty, it's no surprise that the plastic surgery industry has grown to record heights. With a steady 5% growth from 2012, over 14 million procedures were performed in the US (Plastic stats -


For women undergoing peels, botox and other minimally invasive facial procedures, one key part of their face and beauty is often left behind - hair!


As many women begin considering surgery in their 30's, so they should consider hair restoration treatments to fully complement their beauty routines.


Being key reproductive years, the 30's are also an age where hormones and naturally-occurring prenatal vitamins can lead to hair loss. Women in their 30's typically have lower-density hair at the top of the head, and begin seeing a loss of colour and texture if they have spent their lives colouring their hair.


The result for women out of plastic surgery procedures then, is that their faces look young while their hair ages - creating a less than desirable look, and reducing the real value (and money spent!) on expensive plastic surgeries.


So what's the solution?


After spending money on plastic surgeries, the last thing you want to worry about is more difficult-to-reverse beauty treatments.


HRC has a great history of partnering with top plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, many of whom refer their patients to us for hair treatments that match their surgical operations.


The great news, and ultimate advantage with HRC's cutting-edge hair restoration treatments, is that all of our non-surgical enhancements are completely reversible and easily adjustable. Our treatments allow clients to adjust for colour, density, texture, highlights until they are satisfied. 


If clients are still uncomfortable, our procedures are fully reversible to their natural hair. HRC has only the highest quality stylists and colourists in the industry. 


Even with the highest quality hair restoration, some women may still benefit from minor surgical hair transplant - often around the hair line. HRC works closely with US Hair Restoration, a prominent hair transplant establishment, to provide a truly complete service for your hair restoration needs. These combination treatments are being developed with US Hair Restoration's Dr Mohebi - one of the pre-eminent surgeons of the Los Angeles area. For more information on our treatments and services with US Hair Restoration, visit Dr. Mohebi's blog here.



Women undergoing plastic surgery often neglect correct hair treatments to match with their surgical work. Without consideration of the right hair restoration and hair treatment, many dollars are wasted not getting the best effect from plastic surgery. HRC works closely with women who have gone under the knife, and we have a host of non-invasive, completely reversible procedures customised for your hair, to make it look truly healthy and vibrant. Visit us for a free consultation today!


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