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XTC Hair Regrowth System

The XTC Hair Regrowth System is a groundbreaking new hair loss solution that delivers maximum results. Using the most effective and gentle ingredients, the exclusive XTC formulas work together synergistically to boost the health and appearance of your hair and scalp and promote hair growth of the natural hair for men and women of all backgrounds.

A Groundbreaking Solution for Hair Loss & Thinning Hair

The XTC Hair Regrowth System was developed exclusively for the Hair Restoration of California by top hair professionals and industry experts. For over 30 years, it has been offering proven solutions for hair loss, thinning hair, aging hair, or hair that's been damaged by heat, chemicals, extensions, and more for both men and women of all backgrounds and ethnicities. XTC uses a winning combination of effective and gentle ingredients with custom formulas that work together for maximum results.

Combat DHT

The XTC Hair Regrowth System actively combats DHT, which can have adverse effects on the hair follicle and overall health of your hair. Eventually, DHT can result in thinning hair. XTC's exclusive and superior formulas have been developed to fight DHT using both oral and topical solutions that include topical stimulators, cleansing and herbal supplements, and more.

XTC Xtreme Hair Boost System

For superior results, this system is designed to target and address the primary causes of your thinning hair and combat the progression of hair aging and other hair concerns.

System includes: Xtreme DHT Complex+™ 90 day, Scalp Prep 4oz. , Bio-Cure Shampoo™ 8 oz., Xtreme Hair Boost™3 oz.

XTC Natural Hair Boost System

The Natural Hair Boost System is a gentle but effective hair loss solution that helps add luster to hair and actively combats the appearance of fine and thinning hair. Using mild and natural ingredients, this system is best for thinning hair and the early stages of aging hair.

System includes: Xtreme DHT Complex+™ 90 day, Scalp Prep 4 oz., Bio-Cure Shampoo 8 oz., XGT 2 oz.

XTC Comprehensive Hair Boost System

XTC's Comprehensive Hair Boost System offers the most powerful formulas to fight thinning and aging hair. Containing the nutrients that hair needs along with a high-performance conditioner, this system is perfect for all hair types!

System includes: Xtreme DHT Complex+™ 90 day, Xtreme Hair Boost™ 3 oz., XGT 2 oz., Scalp Prep 4 oz., Bio-Cure Shampoo 8 oz., Nourish + Conditioner™.

Stimulate Your Hair Growth

The XTC Hair Regrowth System is designed to rejuvenate and stimulate all types of aging, thin, and dull hair. It offers a unique and exclusive selection of effective products that deliver maximum results for healthier, fuller, and thicker hair!

Click here to download our free XTC brochure and learn more about these groundbreaking systems.

For a free evaluation, call 800-966-9505 to speak with our hair loss practitioners and discuss the best hair loss solutions for you!

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