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Most Men Would Forego Sex and Booze to Keep Their Hair

“Your hair looks so sexy pushed back...” This is one iconic movie quote that has more emotional layers to it than we’d like to think!

If you had a choice between going bald and giving up sex for a year, and you’d choose no sex, then you’re actually in good company. In this survey, 70% of men in their 20s stated that they’d rather give up sex for a whole year than lose their hair, and 75% of men aged 20-49 wouldn’t mind giving up alcohol if it meant keeping their natural mane.

Women also stand in solidarity with these survey results. Many women have noted that they’d give up sex if it meant saving their significant other’s hair.

But unfortunately, Mother Nature can’t be bargained with – if you’re losing your hair, there’s no deal you can make to keep it. However, don’t give up or lose hope! There are many safe and effective hair loss solutions available to you, and they don’t make you give up sex or alcohol. (Well, maybe you should consider putting down that bottle of liquor. Studies have shown that excessive alcohol use can worsen hair loss.)

The Theradome LH80 PRO is a convenient and affordable laser helmet that is FDA-cleared and patented, is user-friendly and hands-free, and is offered as an over-the-counter device. That means you can do your treatments from the comfort of your own home and go about your daily business while the helmet does its thing! The sessions are quick, too – you only need to wear the device for 20 minutes, twice a week.

This amazing piece of technology has been awarded the Aesthetic Industry Guide's 2017 Hair Restoration Device of the Year, and was recently presented with Innovation of the Year at the 2018 Hollywood Beauty Awards. And most importantly, our clients rave about the incredible results and absolutely love it!

Interested in learning more? Click here or call us at 800-966-9505 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your options and get more information about the Theradome helmet. For only $895, this easy-to-use device will change your life for the better – you can keep or regrow your hair, keep your sex life, and not break the bank.

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Do Tanning Beds Cause Hair Loss?

Tanning beds generally use UVA rays to tan your skin, and some tanning beds also emit UVB rays to produce a better tan. However, we now know that UV rays can age and damage skin – and they do this by creating a molecular reaction that produces damaging changes to the DNA and cell membranes. Research even shows a connection between melanoma and UVA ray exposure, which could mean that tanning beds put you at greater risk for melanoma. While all of this sounds quite grim for those who love the quick and effortless results of tanning beds, there is no specific evidence that links tanning beds directly with hair loss.

However, even with no hard evidence that links tanning beds with hair loss, they can still affect those with androgenic alopecia and actually speed up the hair loss process. It is believed that the rays from tanning beds increase the micro-inflammation that alopecia sufferers are more sensitive to.

While we don’t recommend it, if you are planning on using a tanning bed, you should take precautions. It’s important to protect your hair from UV ray exposure because the rays can affect the chemical structure of your hair, and even cause changes in color. This is especially important if your hair is chemically treated. UV rays can make your hair more porous and allow for dramatic color changes.

In general, you want to make sure to protect your hair and skin from sun exposure. One way to do this is to apply sunscreen to your scalp and the roots of your hair, or wear a hat when you go outside. Prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays can increase your risk of problems in the future.

If you think you’re losing more hair than normal, make an appointment to see one of our hair restoration specialists for a free consultation by calling (800) 966-9505 today.

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The Pros and Cons of Custom Hair Systems vs. Stock Hairpieces

When seeking hair replacement solutions, one of the first decisions many people come across is what type of piece to purchase. They wonder if they should invest in a custom hairpiece or if instead they should purchase a ready-to-wear stock wig that’s quick and, in some cases, less expensive.

There are pros and cons to each of these options. You may be asking yourself, “What’s the care and maintenance like for these hairpieces?” or “How much flexibility will I have in styling?” Everyone’s situations will be different, and it will depend on your lifestyle, budget, and severity of your hair loss.

Here, we run down a short list of some of the positives and potential negatives of each. Keep in mind that both solutions could use either natural human hair or synthetic hair.

Ready-to-Wear Wigs and Pieces

Sometimes referred to as stock pieces, this removable hair system is what people generally think of when researching hair replacement options. They come pre-made in a variety of different styles and features, and offer little flexibility in terms of changes and fit. This category includes wigs, hair extensions, top-of-head systems like toupees, partial caps, and more.


  • Readily available at brick-and-mortar and online retailers and salons
  • Elastic caps fit just about any head size and shape
  • Easy to put on and remove at a moment’s notice
  • The low price point allows room in your budget for multiple wigs and pieces for variety
  • Great for patients experiencing temporary hair loss, like cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy


  • Out-of-the-box fit often isn’t comfortable for many people
  • Pieces tend to look artificial, not blending well with someone’s natural look
  • Elastic band may limit your physical activities, like dancing
  • Requires additional time for care and maintenance
  • Lifespan of a removable hairpiece is short, and it needs to be switched out often

While there are a variety of different stock hair pieces on the market, it can be a chore to find the one that’s fit and right for you. If you’re looking for something that’s low maintenance and yet gives you a natural, beautiful look, then custom hairpieces may be the way to go.

Custom Hair Systems

Thanks to the advancement of science and technology, there are now many solutions available for hair replacement. From Omnigraft – a non-surgical hair grafting procedure, to Aurora Hair Integration system – a procedure using existing hair to add volume, there is sure to be a hair system that’s fit for your needs.


  • Great for people experiencing hair loss in patches or partial areas
  • Can sometimes use existing hair to fulfill the needs of a client
  • Advanced bonding techniques for hair pieces to scalp allow for superior fit
  • New pieces can be blended and fitted to look natural and unapparent
  • Higher quality means lower maintenance and longer lifespans for hairpieces
  • Variety of available procedures ranges largely in cost, so custom hair systems can actually be cost-effective and inexpensive for many patients


  • Custom pieces require time and are not instant like stock wigs and hairpieces
  • Every patient responds to the bonding techniques differently

If a custom hair system is what you’re looking for, but you’re not sure if your budget allows for it, one of our experienced hair loss experts will be able to explore the many options available to you. There is something for everyone!

Book a free consultation today online or call us at 800-966-9505 for either of our Los Angeles or Woodland Hills locations.

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How to Travel with Your Detachable Wigs?

Summer is around the corner, which means you’re probably thinking about flying away to the beach, or you’re planning your next getaway to a place other than home.

And we can’t blame you! It’s probably been a stressful year for you, and as we’ve already discussed before, stress can cause hair loss. A vacation may be just what the doctor ordered.

If you haven’t traveled with your wigs before, have no fear: it’s easier than many might think. It just takes some initial planning, a few bags, and you’ll be ready to look stylish no matter where you’re jetsetting to.

Everyone’s process will be different, but here are our suggestions for traveling with your detachable wigs and hairpieces:

  • Know which wig you’ll wear on the plane. Many people like to wear their wigs while traveling because for one, you don’t have to pack it, and two, you still want to look your best at the airport. Most TSA scanners will not sound off from typical wigs and clips, and the agents are generally aware of these situations too.

  • Decide whether you want wig travel cases or plastic bags to store your wigs: If you have wigs with delicate crowns or wigs with elaborate hairstyles or big curls, it may be worth your investment to get a hard-walled case for your wigs. You’ll insert the wig crown-first into the case, gently maneuver the hair into the crown, and close your case. For more storage, double up your wigs by stacking the crowns on each other, inserting them together, and maneuvering the hair in at the same time.

  • If plastic bags are what you’ll be using: You can maneuver the inside of the crown in with the hair, so that when the wig is laying inside the bag (and then your suitcase), the crown won’t get too crushed. Some people even add newspaper or tissue stuffing into the crown to prevent a crushed wig. Then, cover the hair with a net and place into a bag. You can even turn the crown inside out, maneuver the hair in, and then cover that with a hair-net for added protection of the hair.

  • Know ahead of time if you’ll place them in a carry-on or checked baggage: If you want to protect your investment, then we suggest placing your wigs in a carry-on bag. Checked luggage runs the risk of being lost or delayed, and may at times be rummaged through by TSA agents if something suspicious was found inside your bag through a scanner. Of course, with a wig case, it may be difficult to store that in your carry-on if there is not enough room.

  • Once you land, remove your wigs immediately: One of the first things you should unpack once you get to your destination are your wigs, since you don’t want them to be packed for any longer than they should. This helps prevent moisture build-up and the chances for the wig crown to become more crushed.

When packing, don’t forget to also pack all your necessary hair products that you use on your wigs – detachable or not. A comb is a definite necessity, and if you can, bring your wig stands so you can prop them up wherever you’re staying if you’re bringing detachable wigs or hairpieces.

It may help to also do an online search for local wig and hairstyles in the area where you’ll be staying in case you need help with styling.

If you’re coming to one of the beautiful Los Angeles beaches like Venice or Malibu for your vacation, or any water-dense resort or location, be sure to check out our post on swimming with hairpieces.

Have a question for one of our stylists? Reach out to us here, or book a free appointment today using our online scheduler. You can also give us a call at 800-966-9505 to book at either of our locations in Los Angeles or Woodland Hills.

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Can You Swim with a Removable Wig or Hairpiece?

Generally, the answer to this question is no, it is not recommended that you enter a pool or ocean with your removable wig or hairpiece. However, there are exceptions and varying scenarios where you can protect your hair from the potential damage your removable wig or hairpiece might suffer when you’re swimming.

Summer is near, so we know you’re thinking about this. Whether you’re at a gorgeous ocean beach, or you’re at your local pool, there are many reasons why you wouldn’t want to remove your wig before your take a dip in the waters. Maybe it’s not convenient for you to take it off and put it back on again later. Or maybe you’re dealing with alopecia or hair loss, and you just simply want to look your best with a full head of hair.

The thing is, it isn’t the water that’s harmful to your removable hairpiece – it’s what’s in the water! The good news is that there are ways you can protect your removable hairpiece from the damaging effects of salt water and chlorine.

Is there a difference between synthetic and human hair removable wigs in water?

Chemicals like chlorine can be detrimental to your hair in general, whether it’s natural or synthetic. The chlorine is great for killing bacteria that can make you sick, but it can also damage the hair if exposed too long.

If you swim often and you’re trying to decide between a synthetic removable wig and a human hair removable wig, then we suggest investing in a one that will primarily be worn when you do go swimming, or a “swimming wig.” If you’re not concerned about the wig’s shape or style over time, then this would be a great way to both look your best out in the water, and look your best with another wig for other occasions.

Removable human hair wigs are expensive, and tend to look more natural because of their ability to retain moisture. However, because chlorine can be damaging to regular hair, you likely wouldn’t want any damage done to a big investment like a natural human hair removable wig.

Likewise, if you’re thinking of swimming in the ocean, salt can dry out your hair. It will pull the much-needed moisture from your natural hair removable wigs and pieces! Even using products that add moisture back into your hair won’t bring your human hair removable wigs back to their original state. And don’t forget that the sun, too, can damage human hair! It’s recommended that you take the risk with a synthetic removable wig instead.

Other methods to protect your hairpieces

If switching out for a different removable hairpiece is not possible, try out these methods for keeping your removable hair piece protected!

  • Wear a swim cap. You can look like an Olympian AND protect your hair piece all at the same time. Swim caps are inexpensive, and they’re a great investment for just about anyone who wants the convenience and the protection.
  • Invest in hair products formulated for swimming. There are many brands on the market with products targeted specifically to swimmers and to those who enjoy swimming. There are serums you can apply before your hair gets wet to protect it from chemicals and sun damage. There are also products that you can apply after to remove the salt and chlorine, and to add moisture back to your hair.
  • Get water-resistant wig glue. One of the other issues with hair pieces in water is the chance that it may slip off while you’re swimming. To help avoid this problem, look for water-resistant adhesives that are better at keeping your wig and hair pieces in place while you’re active.
  • Wear a headband designed for swimming. There are some special bands on the market that are used for when people want to reinforce their wigs while they’re swimming. They press down on your hairline, protecting your wig from the water and also assisting with the grip on your hair piece.

If you're looking for the type of hair piece that you can wear in the water without worrying about any of these issues, then contact us about our Virtual Reality hair pieces and custom wigs that can be worn just like any hair! Click here to schedule an appointment today or by call our team of hair restoration experts today at 800-966-9505.

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