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Modern Hair Transplant Restoration

Recent advances in hair restoration make it a good choice for many hair loss clients. The results are natural and permanent. When a hair transplant patient has adequate donor hair they can achieve a successful result that is rewarding and enhancing to their self esteem.

Transplants by Parsa Mohebi, M.D.

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

Advancements in the science and art of hair transplantation surgery through Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) are amazing. FUT is the modern state of the art standard in hair restoration. Highly successful hair restoration procedures are providing patients with remarkable natural looking results because FUT is transplanting of the patient’s own hair.

FUT hair transplants focus on transplanting hair in their natural grouping from the donor scalp areas to the recipient (balding) areas. Follicular units (FUs) consist of one to four terminal hair follicles and other important structures. Preserving the integrity of FUs ensures that each hair functions normally and looks natural. This key to the successful results achieved in modern hair transplant surgery; proven, permanent and natural results.

Two Types of FUT Transplant

There are two types of FUT procedures each with their own unique application depending on the needs of the patient. The difference in procedures is simply the way in which donor hair is harvested from the patients permanent hair zone (the back and sides of the scalp).

The two types of FUT hair restoration procedures are:

  1. The Strip Method is the most common hair transplant procedure. A strip is taken from the permanent zone of the scalp and then the surgical wound is closed. Follicular units (FUs) are harvested from the strip of scalp. The harvested grafts are transplanted into recipient in the balding and or thinning areas of the scalp.
  2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a method in which the FUs are removed from the permanent zone individually. The individually harvested grafts are then placed into the recipient areas of the scalp.

FUT Surgery

FUT hair transplant procedures should only be performed by a medical doctor who is a hair transplant surgeon. The surgeon must be assisted by highly skilled medical technicians maximize the yield of intact healthy hair.

Benefits of Harvesting Natural Follicular Units

  • The ability to harvest follicular units more precisely in natural groupings reduces scarring at recipient sites in most patients.
  • This also creates less damage to follicles during harvesting (transaction) and therefore a maximum number of grafts is available for transplantation.
  • Hair grafts can be placed closer together in a natural pattern creating a look of greater density.
  • Natural looking hair lines are created through physician skill and ability to control direction of hair growth.

The natural results

Follicular unit hair transplant surgery is the gold standard hair transplant procedure because of its functionality and natural look. The natural look obtained in FUT hair restoration is primarily due to the fact that the surgeon is able to skillfully control the direction of the follicular grafts. Hair transplant surgeon can place follicular units artfully in the precise natural direction and with balanced distribution. Today’s hair transplant patients are able to achieve a result that is completely undetectable. Obviously such results can enhance the patient's self image significantly.

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