My new extensions are much better and easier to style than the Clip-On that I used to have. I now can swim, exercise & shower without worrying about them coming out. I can now put up my hair in a ponytail and I could not do that with my previous extensions. My hair extensions look and feel real.

I have always had fine hair, but to my horror I was diagnosed with alopecia at the age of 30. My hair began falling out to such a great degree that I became fearful I would go bald. My dermatologist recommended that I begin a Minoxidil treatment and invest in laser therapy. I found HRC and after only a couple of months the results were tremendous. Not only did my hair stop falling out, but it became thicker and started growing faster! My hair is nicer now then it was when I was a teenaged. I’ve even had people ask me if I had gotten hair extensions! I never thought that my hair would be one of my best features, but now it is. Thank you HRC!

I wish I could give 20 stars! This place really changes your life. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, courteous, friendly and organized. Their stylists are AMAZING! I wouldn't hesitate once in recommending HRC to anyone looking for hair replacement. I just wish I did it sooner!

I been with HRC for over 2 years now and no regret coming here. It has changed my looks completely and love it. Their knowledgeable staff have helped me always and they are always kind and professional.

I have been a client of HRC for more than 3 years. Johan has been extremely helpful over the years in advising what products work best for me. I have also had the pleasure of having my hair serviced by almost all the wonderful technicians at HRC and can tell you that they all are true professionals and highly skilled at their jobs! I have been to other hair restoration clinics in the past but none of them were as high quality as HRC.  I have moved out of the LA area but still travel back for the quality service provided at HRC! Finally the scheduling staff is amazing about always trying to fit you in!! Thanks HRC!!

I was very hesitant about getting extensions and waited one year. I was afraid of fake looking hair and maintenance. Now I'm very happy they are very natural looking; instant Beauty & Glamour with minimum maintenance! Nobody has notice my extensions they look and feel great. Lisa, my stylist is great, talented and an awesome colorist. I'm very happy overall and if I would have known that I would be so pleased, I would have done it a long time ago.

I have been wearing the Ultratress hair extensions for almost a year now and I absolutely love them. When I came to HRC my hair was severely damaged from wearing clip-on extensions. I was very nervous about trying a new type of extensions as I didn't want further damage to my hair. The extremely professional and knowledgeable staff helped me get over my anxiety, and now my hair is in much better condition. Jackie and Lisa are both GREAT and I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks HRC!

I purchased from HRC almost a year ago. I have alopecia universalis. My hair system was a real european hair. Staff were super nice and helpful. All the communication was online; via email and skype. They were supportive and clarified everything to me. Still as a first time having to deal with having a hair, mistakes happened and few hairs have fallen off, esp that KSA is summer all year long, and I had to wash it more often. I recommend this place for everyone. Thanks guyz for everything! Feels like a new super confident me!

The best wig ever!! I feel like I'm wearing my own hair. The hair quality, color and cut are just perfect. HRC was committed to pleasing me and truly did!! They were patient and responsive. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

I just got my new hair from Hair Restoration of California and it is completely different than previous hair systems I have received from the place I had been going. Difference between the HRC hairs with other hair replacements is that if feel lighter on my head, the hair quality is a lot nicer than what I have been getting. When I run my fingers through the hair I don’t feel the nets and the clips. The Color matched perfectly with my own hair the hair stylist (Lisa) listened to my ideas and taught me how to put on the system on my head. This feels so much more comfortable and more natural looking from my previous hair systems. The hair is not fake looking or synthetic, it does not shine in the light like other hair systems and the curls are very natural. I am very happy with the results.

HRC has changed my life in such a profound way. I was diagnosed with an illness which caused all my hair to fall out in a matter of 9 months. As a 28 year old woman your appearance is important. I isolated myself and became depressed and frustrated. I decided to see about finding a place that could help me. I went online and found HRC. I couldn't believe the quality of their hair pieces, when I put one on I couldn't believe the results. I looked like the old me again. Whenever I tell people that this is not my real hair they can't believe it. They say "I would have never known". But the secret to my beauty and self-esteem is owed to the staf at HRC. They gave me my life back.

The first time I noticed my thinning hair I was terrified, slowly it got worse to a point where it became a constant concern for the way I looked. HRC helped me by explaining all the options and helping me decide the best one. I decided to have a replacement for the top with highlights which I was never able to achieve by coloring my hair. Now I don't have the constant concern and feel good about looking in the mirror again. The styling team at HRC are the best; I recommend them to any woman dealing with hair loss.

As an African American woman for years I used the conventional methods to add volume to my hair by braiding and weaving. Finally it caught up with me and in my early 30s I noticed a drastic reduction in my hair volume. HRC helped me by offering me hair addition techniques that does not require pulling and weaving. Now I have the exact amount of hair I want and am no longer worried about loosing more hair since the techniques HRC uses does not damage my existing hair. HRC saved my day.

After my second child was born I noticed thinning on top and could no longer wear bangs; and my thin hair on top would show more. But not wearing bangs was uncomfortable since I have a large forehead. HRC added just the right amount of hair to the top so I can wear bangs and they also did a great job maintaining my desired color and high lights. The staff were very professional, caring and I loved the plush amenities, private rooms and complete privacy.

I had been using wigs for some time when I came across HRC. They showed me how I could use all my existing hair in association with their Integration method system. I was fed up with wigs and the unnatural looking hairline and excessive hair. Now I use the HRC integration system and can show my own hairline. I love using all my own hair and not conceal it under a wig. The link system works beautifully and I feel confident in partaking in all activities, swimming and showering.

Believe me it is much more traumatic for a woman to lose her hair, I can't thank you enough. My replacement has given me new self-confidence.

I visited HRC back in June and met with their experienced specialist. He was very professional in his approach and very patient with me. At first, I was hesitant to go for it but I just that positive vibe that made me go for it. Few weeks later, I went in to get my procedure and I was helped by LeVonne. She was excellent in her work. She was very thorough and detailed with her explanation of the procedure as well as patient. I am very satisfied with the overall experience and I would surely recommend HRC to my friends and family.

I came to HRC to explore my options for thinning hair. I set up a free consultation and talked with Johan and Alie about the many options that HRC had to benefit me. I was so surprised at the vast variety of things that they had to offer their clients. The office was warm and inviting and the staff was extremely kind. Losing your hair or feeling it start to thin can be scary, but the friendly and caring staff at HRC has seen it all and I knew I was in good hands. I would recommend this office to anyone who who is searching for a solution that works and is proven effective.

I had an amazing experience at HRC! I have trichotillomania and needed a hair piece to cover the very top of my head. And I have a very limited budget due to being a recent college graduate and also unemployed, but HRC was very willing to work with me. I told them my price range and they gave me an amazing deal on a beautiful hair piece. I absolutely love the hair piece I got! Their hair pieces look natural, are thick, light weight, and very top quality. All the things a person suffering from hair loss needs! They were so polite, understanding, and professional. I highly recommend them to anyone experiencing any type of hair loss!

Johan at Hair Restoration Center is such an amazing and kindhearted individual! The amount of compassion and sincere interest HRC delivers to their clients is monumental, and I am truly grateful to Johan and the entire staff at Hair Restoration Center!!

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  • The service is fantastic! the staff are all very friendly and make you feel completely comfortable. The price is very reasonable for the great quality of hair that is given, all natural human hair. I would highly recommend coming here if you are seeking hair treatments!

    — Brighton S.

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