I had worn a hairpiece before and it was totally unsatisfactory. In fact, it ended up in my bathroom cabinet. I have worn your product now for nine months and couldn't be more pleased. In fact I believe your air looks better than my hair when I had it.

Three years ago I received my first replacement and was quite apprehensive because of my occupation. I'm happy say that since that time I have participated in over 100 karate demonstrations and seminars and countless sparring matches without a single problem. I would recommend HRC to any one in need of a high quality hair replacement.

I spent thousands of dollars and experienced considerable pain in trying hair transplants. Besides being costly they look terrible. Then I tried one of your competitors. After two years of poor service, inferior quality of hair replacement and rude employees, I got fed up and came to HRC. For me you are the only answer for my hair loss problem.

I found HRC in 2010 after being a client at hair Club for 2 years. I was not happy with the services and prices at hair Club, however HRC has been great. They have a class A operation with private rooms and always accomidate me with appointments. I use both Woodland Hills and West LA location, which is near work. I wish they were open mondays for servie. I am on the Virtual Reality hair program and pay monthly fees, it looks great and i feel it is part of me. This is much better than a medicre transplant, which I used to put up with.

I've been going to HRC of California for 8 plus years now and its been a very nice experience there, the staff and stylist are very professional and knowledgeable in there business.the atmosphere is very nice ,you can listen to music and watch tv while your there, the stylist are very nice and do a great job, the receptionist welcomes you as you come in and is very nice. I recommend HRC to anyone trying to improve the look......

Excellent service and operation! I was with Apollo for years, but needed to find a better, more natural product. My wife researched to find the best and latest technology available, and came up clearly with HRC. I've been with them 2 years and my wife and I are very happy with my new look, with their professionalism, and with their accommodations to my schedule and my to my needs. Lisa is great, and the whole staff is wonderful! I would highly recommend HRC to anyone.

Been coming here for over 6 months and I got to say HRC has a truly fabulous caring staff. I have been doing laser treatments and my hair is growing in the right place on my head and not on my back. I highly recommend them. They run a scan of your scalp and you see what is truly going on. It is eye opening. Both my brothers are bald and I feel they have saved me from that faint.

The staff, service and product are always very good at HRC. I especially like the friendly and helpful attitude of the stylists and reception. Plus, the finished product looks darn natural, just like my hair used to look back when I had enough!

I love these guys. Owners are always there - stylist are great - and they have great ameneties. I used to be a Hair Club member. They are too expensive and service is poor. Also these guys introduced me to Virtual reality hair which is amazingly natural looking. I have been using non surgical hair system for 20 years. I wish I had started with them 20 years ago.

The service is fantastic! the staff are all very friendly and make you feel completely comfortable. The price is very reasonable for the great quality of hair that is given, all natural human hair. I would highly recommend coming here if you are seeking hair treatments!

Been there, done that. Years ago ...I decided I needed to look into doing something for myself that nature was no longer doing ... KEEP MY HAIR. I stumbled through many, many interviews with all of those Hair Replacement companies, learning a lot along the way. Then on a commercial shoot, a makeup artist said I should see a Hair and Makeup Emmy Winner and former President of the MAKE-UP ARTISTS AND HAIR STYLISTS GUILD. (his clients included, Johnny Carson, Burt Reynolds for On-Camera skits and TV & Movies and in his comeback years, Michael Jackson) As an On-Camera Actor that needed On-Camera help, I still went with apprehension. He suggested a Unit/System/Piece/Rug/PROP rather to stimulate growth. Knowing that the Line wasn't around the block for Hair Re-Growth quite yet, I succumbed to a part-time Hair Unit which I could put-on and take-off at will or On-Camera Job. When it finally happened it changed my life and my work and I began keeping it on more days of the week than not. My Emmy winning hair guy retired and I was at a crossroads ... More interviews again ... everywhere ... Then finally this company, HRC. When I walked in I knew I was in the right place. The Atmosphere, People, Privacy, Care, Compassion were the elements that got me to become a client of HRC. For me, that was well over 10 years ago. Over these years, I've personally found each of the HRC Stylists to be the best and most experienced. With each challenge ... as professionals, they meet it with their over 100 years combined experience. Always with their eye to the future, HRC stays up with the leading edge of products available. When you see me on TV or on the street, you'll NOT notice 'I'm Wearing" nor will you know that because of technology presented to me by the Pros at HRC, NOW, I don't take it off except when at HRC for a ... Style Appointment in a private room. Be here or be seen.

Hi this is L. I have been with HRC OF WOODLAND HILLS for seventeen happy years,and if you have hair loss they can help you to.thestaff is great the place is very clean and my hair stylist does the best at making me look young.

These folks are great and Ive been going to them for 8 years now. They are so good...that my fiance of four years doesn't even know......

I'm going to let you in on what has worked for me and what hasn't work. Also, I want to let you know what I'm doing now, and the future. I plan to work a lot closer with HRC. I've been struggling with thinning hair for many years and they have custom tailored a plan for me. I highly recommend going with HRC before trying anywhere else. Everyone is way to expensive.

So glad I found them!!! I've been coming here since 2010 and I have no regrets. They have the friendliest staff, they literally make you feel at home. I struggled for years with my thin hair and I am glad I found them it changed my life!! THANKS HRC!!!

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  • I'm going to let you in on what has worked for me and what hasn't work. Also, I want to let you know what I'm doing now, and the future. I plan to work a lot closer with HRC. I've been struggling with thinning hair for many years and they have custom tailored a plan for me. I highly recommend going with HRC before trying anywhere else. Everyone is way to expensive.

    — Mark Herre

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