10 / 16 / 13

30 million women in America experience hair loss

As an age-old defining feature of health, success & attractiveness, radiant hair is second to none. A defining point of personal image and style, our brains are wired to notice distinctive hairstyles - think of the Jennifers (Aniston or Lopez), Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Palin or Christina Hendricks.

But people aren't just watching from the sidelines, they're talking with their wallets too. Americans spent over $20billion combined in 2012 on hair care services (SBDC Market Research, 2012), and with increasing stress of modern lifestyles and increases in female baldness, that figure is sure to rise - along with the need for affordable hair replacement options for balding women.

30 million women in America experience hair loss, some losing up to 150 hairs a day - startling considering that women with healthy hair lose between 50 & 70 hairs daily. Often, the hair loss is a side-effect of a broader health condition that when treated, can bring stability back to hair growth. Hormonal imbalances, infections or temporary hospital treatments (e.g. radiotherapy) are some examples of 'broader' conditions that can cause hair loss.

The most common cause of hair loss in women is Alopecia Areata, affecting almost 2% of the US population (60 million people!). This is often the most difficult to treat with standard hair products such as creams, shampoos & conditioners because the hair loss occurs from within the immune system. Hair loss vitamins and medication often prove hit-and-miss depending on the person. The immune system attacks the hair follicles, and hair loss can range from extensive hair loss across the scalp, to small patches that may re-grow naturally with time.

The myth most commonly tied to Alopecia related hair loss is that it requires hormonal evaluation. In fact, hormonal evaluation for women is only necessary if she is also suffering from cystic acne, virilization, hirsutism, infertility of irregular periods. Neither Alopecia Areata (an immune system attack on hair follicles) or Androgenic Alopecia (similar to male pattern baldness in women) cause hormonal or menstrual issues.

Chemical/drug related treatments are often ineffective and wastefully expensive - this is obvious when considering that Minoxidol is the only drug approved for promoting hair growth in women.

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