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11 / 05 / 18

Are Certain Shampoos Better or Worse for Hair Loss?

When it comes to hair care products, there are a lot of options to choose from. For healthy hair, selecting the right product does not have to be hard. Part of it is about avoiding certain ingredients, but it’s also about how often you should be washing your hair.

Hair loss can be caused by many things, some of which include what you put in your hair, what you remove from it, and how often you’re tugging at it.

Is Washing My Hair Bad for Hair Loss?

Many experts and beauticians agree that there is such a thing as too much shampooing. For one, the daily tug and wear you put on your hair from washing it and towel-drying it can give your hair follicles unnecessary stress, which could lead to hair loss.

Shampoo also strips your hair and scalp of its natural oils, which are essential for the care of your scalp. However, too much oil can cause build up in your hair, in which case a wash would be needed.

For the most part, you should wash your hair every other day or every two days depending on your lifestyle and hair type. Some people only wash once a week or two and enjoy wonderful results.

What Shampoos Should I Stay Away From?

Looking at the ingredients of any product should be a standard from now on. Make a habit of reading the list of ingredients on the back of a product, and look out for these things:

  • Sulfates — These chemicals act as detergents that strip away oil and moisture from your hair. They’re harsher and more damaging to your hair than other ingredients that offer the same benefit.
  • Parabens — This all-too-available chemical acts as a preservative to extend the shelf-life of products. However, recent research has shown that this chemical gets absorbed into our body and acts much like a weak estrogen, which can potentially lead to cancer (particularly breast cancer). Again, there are other available ingredients that can do the same thing without the risk of carcinogens.
  • Alcohol — This ingredient also acts like a preservative in products, but it can also strip away much needed oil and moisture from your hair and scalp.
  • Synthetic Fragrances and Color — Over time, research has found links between chemicals designed to provide a fake scent or color and hair loss. For shampoo, it’s best to go scentless.

If you’re in the market for new shampoo, consider ones that use natural ingredients and oils, like avocado and coconut oil. If you want something with a soothing smell, try products with mint or lavender.

There are also shampoo products that promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. For example, XTC Hair Regrowth System is a family of hair care products that combat the hormones that cause hair loss, and it also adds in essential nutrients to your hair for a healthy scalp.

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