Are You Making Your Hair Loss Worse?
01 / 22 / 20

Are You Making Your Hair Loss Worse?

Hair loss is a common problem, but at HRC – Hair Restoration of California, we have state of the art hair loss solutions which not only can provide effective hair restoration but also help prevent hair loss. Let’s explore the most common causes of hair loss and what you need to avoid that could be making your hair loss worse.

The Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss and thinning is actually normal as your hair goes through the natural cycles of growing, resting, and shedding. Hair loss and thinning, which exceeds the normal cycles, has a number of causes typically brought on because the cycle has somehow gotten out of sync. The cause could be hormonal, as in male and female pattern hair loss, which comes from an excess of DHT, a biproduct of testosterone. Autoimmune disorders can also cause excessive hair loss, as can other hormonal fluctuations. Medical treatments are sometimes the culprit in hair loss, while lifestyle can also negatively impact the natural hair growth cycle.

Are You Making Your Hair Loss Worse?

When you are experiencing greater than normal hair loss, it is possible you are making the problem worse by lifestyle habits. Changing habits and ridding your life of unhealthy behaviors may be the hair loss solution you have been seeking. Here at HRC – Hair Restoration of California, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips explaining what you should avoid if you have thinning hair.

  • Avoid products that promise a “Wet Look” for your hair. These mousses, gels, and other product iterations separate your hair strands and make your hair look thinner. Hairspray can have a similar effect unless you spray it on at least 10 inches from your head.
  • Avoid restrictive diet plans. If you are experiencing hair loss, fad diets and restricted eating plans can make it worse. Instead, opt for healthy nutritious eating habits which include plenty of lean proteins, green vegetables, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Stay away from rough techniques which further damage hair and encourage hair loss. Try to treat your hair gently, the way you treat your skin. Don’t brush harshly, pulling your hair to the breaking point. Consider lower heat seating on dryers, curling irons, and straighteners. Don’t brush constantly during the drying process instead, blow until nearly dry and use the brush at the very end with a heat protection product or better yet, let your hair dry naturally. Along this same line of thought, don’t pull you hair back tightly with hair bands or clips, both cause tension and can lead to breakage.
  • Visit a hairdresser. Your hairdresser is well-trained and should be your first line of defense. He or she can help you keep your existing hair healthy, as well as offer cuts, color, and other techniques which can make your hair feel fuller and look thicker. For example, wearing your hair super-straight or extremely long can actually make your hair appear thinner. Your trusted hairdresser can offer a more textured style or keep your hair trimmed regularly for a thicker, fuller, healthier appearance. Your hairdresser will also use quality products to strengthen you hair, unlike ‘drugstore’ products which can cause further damage and loss.
  • Understand there are no ‘quick fixes’ for hair loss. Many people experiencing hair loss spend a great deal of money on products which promise super-fast hair growth. Keep in mind, the natural hair growth cycle is from six to 12 weeks, so any product that promises faster results, is well, offering up ‘empty promises.’ In addition, many people who are experiencing hair loss, continue to pile on treatment after treatment to thicken hair, only to find these treatments when combined, deliver the opposite effect.

Answers and Solutions for Your Thinning Hair

When you are ready for real hair loss treatment, seek out help from HRC – Hair Restoration of California. We can help you avoid those habits which are making your hair loss worse and find the solutions to preserve and restore you to a full, fabulous head of hair. Call us today, and take the first step by scheduling your free consultation.