Boosting Your Confidence with Hair Restoration Systems
03 / 26 / 20

Boosting Your Confidence with Hair Restoration Systems

At HRC – Hair Restoration of California, we understand the role a full, healthy head of hair has for promoting self-confidence and self-esteem. In nearly all cultures, a thick, full head of hair is seen as a positive attribute for both men and women. Around the world, a healthy head of hair represents power, strength, a sense of pride and belonging, self-respect, attraction, and even freedom. Knowing the symbolism and significance of a great head of hair, it is not surprising that with hair loss and thinning can result in anxiety as well as a loss of self-esteem and a lack of confidence. Feelings of decreased self-worth can affect every aspect of life – from relationships to career, and even health.

If you are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, we can help with proven solutions designed to give you back full, thick, natural-looking hair. Often, for both men and women who are experiencing hair loss or thinning, hair restoration systems can provide the ideal solution, adding volume, and length, while boosting self-confidence and restoring self-esteem. Hair restoration systems are custom designed uniquely for you, with the color, texture, volume, and length that you desire. In addition, hair restoration systems are easy to maintain, perfectly suited to fit right in to your active lifestyle while restoring your confidence.

Hair Restoration Systems for Men

We offer up premium quality men’s hair systems from the world’s most renowned brands, as well as their signature system, Omnigraph. Hair systems for men feature an ultra-thin membrane, tailored to fit your scalp. Individual human hairs are then inserted into the membrane and customized to your preference – cut, color, and style. The technology utilized in high-quality hair systems delivers a completely natural look, designed to fit any lifestyle, even the most active ones.

With hair restoration systems, there is no surgery, no need for tape or clips, only a perfectly natural hair line that goes completely unnoticed, even upon close inspection. We help you customize your look, and you simply take care of your hair system at home, shampooing and conditioning as you would your natural hair. The design of your hair system is developed naturally – with the spacing and density of natural hair growth, and normal movement during activities as well as wind, rain, or swimming.

Hair Restoration Systems for Women

At HRC- Hair Restoration of California, women can find premium hair restoration systems, like Virtuesse, to restore a full, thick natural head of hair that is low on maintenance. Like men’s hair systems, there is no invasive surgery, and your custom hair system can accommodate your lifestyle, no matter how active. The hair restoration systems for women are crafted in similar fashion as the men’s, with a completely tailored fit of the super-thin membrane into which individual human hairs are inserted. Once fitted, stylists cut, color, and style your hair however you like.

With hair restoration systems like Virtuesse, once you hair system is custom fitted and in place, you simply go about your life as normal, living life, sleeping, showering, exercising, swimming, and more. To maintain your hair restoration, you simply perform grooming and styling as you do with your natural hair.

If your hair has thinned, and you still have growing hair, you might consider a hair integration system, another form of restoration that allows your growing hair to be integrated with a completely customized hair restoration system for a natural look with the length and volume you want.

Boost Your Confidence Today with a Custom Hair Restoration System

At HRC – Hair Restoration of California, each hair restoration system is designed exclusively for you. We have lots of amazing options to help you restore your head of hair to the full, healthy look you desire, and with it, boost your confidence and self-esteem. Reach out to us today for your free consultation and discover how easy it is to get the thick, healthy head of hair you crave.