Chemotherapy and Hair Loss
02 / 28 / 20

Chemotherapy and Hair Loss

At HRC – Hair Restoration of California, we understand that facing a diagnosis of cancer, along with the impending chemotherapy and the side effects which accompany it creates very trying circumstances. We are ready to lend our support during your treatments and help you handle potential hair loss positively. Here are some tips on what you can expect as well as ways to plan ahead as you face possible hair loss during your treatments.

During Treatment – What to Expect Regarding Hair Loss

In most cases, you physician will be able to tell you whether your chemotherapy treatment may cause hair loss. Some treatments cause gradual thinning while others may result in your hair falling out more rapidly. It is important to keep in mind that in almost every case, this hair loss is temporary, and your hair will grow back. It often begins to regrow three to six months after your chemotherapy ends, and when it returns it may be a different texture or color. Talking to the members of your healthcare team can help, as can preparing for ways to cope with this side effect.

Can Chemotherapy Hair Loss Be Prevented?

You may find yourself wondering if there is anything you can do to prevent hair loss during your treatment. The truth is, while therapies for hair loss during chemotherapy are under investigation, none currently that are 100 percent effective. Scalp cooling caps are being used during chemotherapy treatment to cool the scalp, slowing blood flow. The premise is the scalp hypothermia will chemotherapy less effective on your hair. While scalp cooling caps show promise, more research is needed. Another therapy being researched is the use of minoxidil (a drug which has been approved for hair loss) before and during chemotherapy. So far, the minoxidil research hasn’t show much promise in preventing hair loss during chemotherapy, but it does seem to effectively help regrowth speed following treatment.

Managing Hair Loss Throughout Treatment

In most cases, for now anyway, hair loss during treatment can’t be prevented, but you can be active in managing your emotions and your appearance throughout the process. Here’s how!

  • Be kind and gentle to your hair, especially before your treatment begins. Bleaching, coloring, and perming your hair weakens it, so avoiding can help. Choosing fragrance free shampoos and those without salicylic acid, alcohol, and other harsh chemicals can also help your hair. Air-drying is another positive step you can take.
  • Go short, with your hair style that is! Cutting your hair short, can make it look thicker and fuller, and less noticeable as you begin to lose you hair during treatment.
  • Make plans now, to cover or not to cover. Some cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy choose scarves, head coverings, and wigs, while others opt not to conceal their hair loss. The choice is yours, but whatever you choose, HRC-Hair Restoration of California is here to help.
    • If uncovered is your selection, we can help you keep your scalp healthy during your treatment to encourage hair regrowth when your treatment is complete.
    • If you choose to cover, hats, scarves, and other head coverings are options, and wigs are a popular choice. Should you decide to try a wig, you’ll want to shop at the beginning of your treatment, which allows you to choose color, texture, and style. We can match your current style, or you can opt for something completely different. We are proud to provide our clients with the very best in custom human hair and synthetic wigs as we have for many years. Your doctor can even write a prescription for your wig, with many health insurances covering the costs.
  • Following your treatment, you’ll want to continue to be kind and gentle to your scalp and your hair as it begins to regrow. Avoiding chemical processes and products, as well as heat styling devices can encourage new growth and strengthen your hair.

Hair Loss Solutions Await You at HRC – Hair Restoration of California

If you are facing hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments, we can help with a wide variety of premium custom wigs during treatment, as well as helpful solutions to keep your scalp healthy as your hair regrows following your treatment. Contact us today at HRC – Hair Restoration of California, and take the first step by scheduling your free consultation.