Five Reason to Get Hair Extensions
12 / 12 / 19

Five Reason to Get Hair Extensions

At HRC – Hair Restoration of California, we know how significant a full, healthy head of hair is, particularly to those who are experience hair thinning or loss. Maybe you have thinning hair or hair loss, and would like to add more volume and length to your hair. If this is you, we have the answer – hair extensions are the ideal solution for those who want natural looking hair. With our wide range of human hair extensions, you can get the look you want – full, thick, and healthy hair! Here are five great reasons to get hair extensions today.

Hair Extensions Won’t Damage Your Natural Hair Growth

As the hair restoration experts, we know how to add hair extensions without damaging your hair’s roots and follicles or your scalp. Plus, hair extensions allow you to experiment with various colors, highlights, and style without damaging your natural hair growth. With hair extensions, you won’t need to apply harsh chemicals which can cause further hair loss and thinning, but instead can try a variety of trendy looks every time you add new extensions.

Get the Full Head of Hair You Want with Added Length and Volume

When you are experiencing thinning hair, hair extensions add length and fullness, extending your own hair and allowing you to style your new voluminous hair with ease. If you have straight hair, you know it can appear thin when compared to curly hair. Extension can help straight hair look thicker with greater volume.

Hair Extensions Let You Change Your Style

Maybe you’ve had the same hairstyle for a while and want to try something new and different. Hair extensions not only help you add volume, but length as well, so you can try lots of new looks and styles. Plus, hair extensions allow you to play with color and develop your own creative style without damaging your hair. Maybe you want to grow out your hair or get a new style for an upcoming special event (wedding, prom, etc.), but can’t stand the wait or don’t have the time! Hair extensions can help you get the long, beautiful hair you want in no time at all. Perhaps, you aren’t sure if long hair is for you? Hair extensions give you the chance to if long hair is right for you, allowing you to experiment with style, care, and looks while you start growing your hair out. If you find you don’t love the long hair, you can easily have the extensions removed. But, should you love the extensions, you’ll have a variety of options every time you have the extensions replaced.

Hair Extensions Are the Ideal Fix for a Bad Haircut

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another – a truly dreadful haircut! And hair extensions are the ideal fix whether you got a bad haircut from a new stylist or chose a cut you thought you’d love but simply don’t. Hair extensions to the rescue! Extensions can fix the bad haircut until your hair grows out and you can visit a new stylist.

Hair Extensions Can Enhance Self-Image

Studies have shown great hair improves self-image. Though truthfully now, we didn’t really need a study to know that, did we? Hair extensions can enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence and self-image. How? They let you try out new styles, fix a bad haircut, and add volume and fullness to those with hair loss or thinning. Plus, they offer an easy and low-cost to get great hair without damaging your scalp, roots, or natural hair growth.

Amazing Hair Extensions Options are Waiting for You

We have lots of great options for your hair extensions here at HRC – Hair Restoration of California. We feature Ultratress human hair extensions which deliver a full healthy head of hair that is easy to style and maintain. We also offer Affinity human hair extensions which can be applied even in places ordinary hair extensions can’t. Call us today for your free consultation and discover hair extensions for the longer, thicker, more voluminous hair you deserve!