Getting Back-to-School Hair That is Stylish and Easy
07 / 30 / 19

Getting Back-to-School Hair That is Stylish and Easy

School is starting back up again soon, and for many people (both adults and children), this will be a great opportunity to create a good first impression.

You’re probably gearing up to get supplies ready, and heading to different stores for clothing so that your child (and you as the stylist parent) can look their best. But have you stopped to think about hair?

Sure, you’re most likely going to take your child in for a nice and simple haircut so that they look groomed and presentable for their first day at school, but for many children who may be suffering from hair loss, it may not be that simple.

In the U.S., it is estimated that hair loss or alopecia accounted for about 3% of pediatric care visits. Contrary to what many adults believe, hair loss is possible for children as young as five years old. This is also especially true for children undergoing chemotherapy.

If you suspect that your child may be experiencing hair loss, then getting a simple haircut may not be the best solution. It’s important to find a hair restoration clinic that can help younger patients!

At Hair Restoration of California, our experienced team of stylists and trichologists can help determine whether your child has alopecia or if they’re experiencing hair loss due to some other stressor in their lives. We have worked with children of all ages, all backgrounds, and varying cases, and have treatment options that are suitable for their lives.

We understand that a family’s life is busy, especially when school starts. Our hair restoration solutions are cost-effective and easy for your child. We have wigs and hairpieces that can be simply worn or styled in a fun way to keep your child happy. And we don’t forget about the parents, either!

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