Bald or Shaved Head
10 / 31 / 18

How to Care for a Bald or Shaved Head

Hair care for a head with hair and a head without hair is actually more different than you might think. There’s much more focus on scalp care with a bald or shaved head. But, it’s not necessarily more difficult to care for it.

Every October, tens of thousands of people shave their heads for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Some do it to donate their long locks to nonprofits that create wigs and hairpieces for cancer patients. Others do it to stand in solidarity with a loved one who’s undergoing chemotherapy.

Then, there are those who choose to go bald because of aesthetics. Some people like the idea of having no hair.

One of the most common reasons our clients like to go bald is because they’re either experiencing severe alopecia or are going through chemotherapy treatments that cause hair loss. Going bald helps to rid them of the extra hassle of caring for their thinning hair or hair loss. It also makes putting on removable wigs a lot easier.

Whatever your reason for going bald is, here are some ways to keep your scalp and hair follicles healthy:

Find a pre-shave oil before shaving off hair

For many, a nice close shave with a trimmer may be sufficient to cut the hair, but if you’re looking for a closer shave, then you might want to opt for a razor blade instead. To prevent burns and make the shave easier for you, you should consider applying oil to moisten your scalp and raise the hair.

Use post-shave oil or balm

After you remove your hair, it’s normal to feel some inflammation. After all, shaving off your hair is a shock to your head, and this may be the first time your scalp is getting this much exposure to the air and sun.

Keep your shampoo and conditioner

While you shouldn’t be shampooing often, with or without hair, sometimes too much oil can build up on the scalp and a nice, simple shampoo can lift the impurities from your scalp. You can also use conditioner to add moisture back to your scalp.

Consider wearing hats or head scarves in the sun

Biologically speaking, humans have hair on their heads to prevent sun damage to their scalp, since the skin around our brains is more fragile. During times of a bright sun, put on a hat or scarf around your head to block the potentially damaging sun rays on your scalp. If you want to go hat-free, consider applying some sunblock instead.

Get a scalp massage

They feel good and do some good for your body, too. Massages not only relieve stress, but also stimulate blood flow to promote healthy skin, and a scalp massage helps bring blood cells to the hair follicles. This is important if you’re looking to grow your hair back. Many barbers and salons offer scalp massage free with service or for a nominal fee.

If you’re working with an experienced stylist for a custom wig or hairpiece, then he or she may also have some great advice to give you on caring for your shaved head.

At Hair Restoration of California, our friendly stylists have relationships with all of our patients to provide the best care with the most up-to-date information. We have two hair loss clinics in Los Angeles to service LA and surrounding counties.

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