How to Choose a Hair System?
10 / 24 / 19

How to Choose a Hair System?

When faced with hair loss, both men and women experience a variety of feelings and emotions, most of which are negative. But with HRC - Hair Restoration of California, our treatments will help keep negative feelings and emotions away while restoring your look as well as your confidence and self-esteem. We offer state of the art hair loss solutions proven to curb hair loss with the most advanced, effective hair restoration techniques. Let us help you eliminate the negatives of hair loss and accentuate the positive with the hair restoration system customized to meet your needs, achieve your goals, and stay within your budget. Here’s how to choose the perfect hair system for you.

Causes of Hair Loss

Men and women can both experience hair loss from a number of potential causes. For men, male pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) is a common cause, but certainly isn’t the only one. Medical treatments and medications, as well as less common medical conditions (alopecia universalis and alopecia totalis), can also cause men’s hair loss. Lifestyle factors can also cause hair to thin. For women, hair loss can be the result of hormonal imbalances (like during pregnancy or menopause), female pattern hair loss, and autoimmune disorders. As with their male counterparts, women can also experience hair loss as a result of medical treatments, prescription medications, or other, more rare medical conditions. The point is, regardless of the reason behind your hair loss, HRC - Hair Restoration of California has a solution for you.

Men’s Hair System Solutions

Men’s hair system solutions at HRC - Hair Restoration of California offer a number of advantages, including a full, healthy head of hair, easy maintenance, and a completely custom solution.

We feature a number of hair system options including our signature Omnigraph Hair Restoration System. With Omnigraph, a micro-thin membrane is custom-fitted to your scalp into which human hair is inserted. Because each Omnigraph solution is unique to each individual, you are assured a completely natural look which can be cut, styled, colored, shampooed and conditioned just like your own hair.

We also feature the Virtual Reality Hair Restoration System, which provides another natural and easy to care for solution. An invisible, non-surgical derma lens is applied, and then human hair is inserted, complementing your hair in color, curl, texture, and density. The custom result gives you a full, healthy head of hair, which can be shampooed, conditioned, cut, and styled as you like it.

Women’s Hair System Solutions

For women, we also offer a number of hair system solutions at HRC - Hair Restoration of California featuring a full, healthy head of hair that is uniquely tailored just for you in color, length, style, and texture, with the promise of easy maintenance.

Our studio features many hair system solutions including Hair Integration which is ideal for those women with thinning hair who still retain natural hair growth. Hair Integration allows us to add hair, integrating the new hair with your growing hair, creating a custom look, complete with the length and volume you desire. Hair Integration is indistinguishable from your natural hair, plus it is weightless and comfortable, won’t harm your scalp, and only needs routine styling.

At HRC - Hair Restoration of California, we also feature the Virtuesse Hair Restoration System which promises to help women facing hair loss, whatever the cause. As one of the top hair restoration systems in the world, Virtuesse gives you a maintenance free solution complete with beautiful, natural looking hair, in which a super-thin skin-like foundation with natural hair patterns applied. Virtuesse is the choice of celebrities because it is customizable, natural, and unnoticeable! With this unique system, all you need do is chose the cut, color, style, and texture that is right for you.

Choosing Your Ideal Hair Restoration System

At HRC - Hair Restoration of California, the first step toward achieving your full, healthy head of hair is making your appointment. We offer a free consultation and a full range of hair restoration solutions, and our mission is to help you find the hair loss treatment that is right for you. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!