Couple Embracing in a Meadow
01 / 31 / 19

How to Get Sexy Hair in Time for Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re already in a relationship, or you’re single and ready to mingle, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to change up your hairstyle.

Surveys have shown that hair is an important factor that people consider when looking for a romantic partner. Biologically speaking, your hair can communicate to others your overall health and virility.

Problem is, sexy hair can be subjective. It’s not as simple as changing your hair color, wearing it up or down, or cutting it in layers. Many studies throughout the years have found different results as to what people find attractive in a hairstyle. But there is one trait that tends to stand out: full, voluminous hair.

It’s the reason why there are so many products that contain the words “volumizing” in their marketing. Full hair signifies good health and good vitality. Here’s how you can get more volume in your hair:

  • Use volumizing products like hair powder.
    Good for both men and women, this product is a powder that you simply sprinkle onto your roots, and then style up to achieve a more voluminous look.
  • Blow dry your hair up or upside down.
    When styling your hair, use a hairdryer pointing at your hair so that it pushes your hair strands up, rather than back or to the side. A good way to do this is to bend over and tilt your head down, and then blow dry your hair.
  • Use products specifically for hair growth.
    This solution takes time, but will last a lot longer than a simple blow dry. The XTC Hair Growth Supplement is a great way to combat hair loss and get fuller hair. The system uses topical and oral solutions that can be customized for your specific needs.
  • Add hair pieces or use a wig.
    Adding hair extensions is a great way to quickly add volume to your hair that can last a long time, while also adding more styling choices.

If you are experiencing hair loss and are looking for a more permanent solution for your hair, then consider hair loss treatments, including Live Skin Replica for men or Virtuesse for women.

At Hair Restoration of California, we offer a variety of solutions for people experiencing hair loss who want safe and effective treatments for restoring their hair. Whether you’re looking to reverse thinning hair, or you’re looking for the perfect hair piece, our experienced staff can help customize a solution for you. Book your free consultation today with one of our two Los Angeles locations.