How to Pick the Best Wig
01 / 11 / 21

How to Pick the Best Wig

Wigs come in a wide variety of shapes, nets, sizes, textures, colors, and lengths. Each of these factors also affects the enjoyment, utility, and length of use you will get out of the wig. Choosing your wig carefully will ensure that it is comfortable, easy to wear, and meets your expectations.

Type of Net

Wigs are designed and fabricated with various techniques and materials that significantly impact the hairpiece's quality and, ultimately, your satisfaction. A wig is constructed around a cap or net that can be of various synthetic or natural materials, and your individual needs will determine what type you choose. Often overlooked because it is not a clearly visible part of the wig, cap construction is critical when choosing a wig.

Standard wig caps often use synthetic materials and a combination of production methods, making them durable and long-lasting. The highest quality wigs are constructed around a handmade net, and the hairs are individually sewn in by hand. The process creates the lightest and most comfortable wigs available. A handmade net is ideal for people with a sensitivity to weight or those who need a flexible net that can be worn for extended periods. Handmade nets are suitable for everyday use and won't cause a constricted or heavy feeling.

Select the Correct Size

Selecting the right size is critical to how your wig will ultimately look and feel. A wig that is too small may not conceal the hairline fully, and one that is too large may appear bulky and cumbersome, but a perfectly sized wig can create a flawless look and give you the confidence to move naturally.

A properly fitted wig fits snug in the front and back without pulling away from the hairline and does not feel excessively tight around the head. The crown area must be long enough that the part ends at the back of the head and curves with the head's natural shape. While many wigs are available in standard sizes designed from large to petite, a properly sized cap is an essential element of choosing a wig with a natural appearance.

Synthetic or Human Hair?

Understanding the differences between synthetic wigs and human hair wigs is also an important consideration when selecting which wig is best for you. While many people assume that wigs made with human hair are of higher quality or better than synthetic wigs, that is not necessarily the case. While there are differences between the two, high-quality synthetic wigs can pass the closest scrutiny and are nearly indistinguishable from wigs made with human hair.

High-quality wigs constructed of natural hair are easy to style and very durable, lasting for as much as a year or longer with the right care. These incredibly versatile wigs can be highlighted, colored, and even cut and styled like natural hair. They look and move like natural hair, making them ideal for people with an active lifestyle.

High-quality synthetic hair offers a look and feel similar to human hair and is more affordable. Synthetic wigs require a minimal amount of maintenance and are weather and UV resistant. The synthetic fibers are easy to care for, require minimal styling, and usually can be worn right out of the box.

We Want to Help You Find the Best Wig for You!

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