Our Best Tips for Wearing a Wig During the Hot Summer
05 / 29 / 19

Our Best Tips for Wearing a Wig During the Hot Summer

Summer is here, which means more sun and more sweat! And for those who like to wear detachable wigs, it can sometimes mean more struggle.

But it doesn’t have to be! We have worked with many clients who wear wigs, and have come up with our list of the best advice for keeping your head cool – both literally and figuratively!

  1. Switch to synthetic wigs during the hotter days.
    Natural human hair wigs look and feel better – we totally understand. But these wigs can be heavy, and human hair is more susceptible to sun damage. Synthetic wigs are lighter, and since they are less expensive, it’ll be easier on your wallet to replace them in the event that they are damaged from the weather.
  2. Use heat-resistant and sunblock hair products.
    There are many over-the-counter products that can help protect your hair from the sun and heat. Even with synthetic wigs, they can extend the life of your wigs and still keep your scalp cooler by deflecting the sun.
  3. Wear lightweight hats.
    A wide-brimmed, floppy straw hat is a great choice for many wig-wearers, as they offer the most sun protection for both your hair and face. Plus, they are stylish and will look cute with any summer outfit you wear!
  4. Consider using a gel band and lighter wig cap.
    Many people will wear a cap underneath their wig and some kind of glue to keep their wigs in place. Both have lighter weight options built for the summer. Gel bands especially are great because they help to cool your head, as well. Stretch caps also offer better ventilation than typical wig caps.
  5. Wash your wigs often.
    Sometimes simply running them under cool water and leaving them on a head form is sufficient for extending the life of your wigs. Product and debris that’s left to build up on your wigs can weigh them down, causing you to not get the very best from your wigs.
  6. Choose light colors and short hair for your wigs.
    Darker colors get hotter faster because they absorb light better than lighter colors, so opt for a blonde or platinum look this summer. You can also choose a short hairstyle like a pixie cut or bob cut to keep hair away from your body, and spend less time styling your hair, too!

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