Should You Wear Your Wig While Visiting Amusement Parks?
07 / 15 / 19

Should You Wear Your Wig While Visiting Amusement Parks?

We are now in the middle of summer, and you’ve either already been to a themepark or you’re probably thinking of visiting one pretty soon. And if you depend on wigs for your daily look and style, the thought of whether you should bring your wigs may have crossed your mind.

A simple YouTube search of wigs and roller coasters will show you many videos of people who accidentally lost their hairpieces while on an amusement park ride. It may be funny, but it’s also a common fear that many of us have – we don’t want to lose an expensive hair accessory and risk spending the rest of the day at the park without our wigs!

Wigs, whether they’re made from human hair or synthetic hair, are an important investment for many people, so losing them is not an option. It can be especially embarrassing if you lose it while on a ride, too!

Here are some tips for wig-wearers who are heading to a themepark this season:

1. It’s hot, so consider not wearing a wig.
If it is an option, we suggest not bringing your wig for the day. However, if you must wear your wig, try going for a shorter style. The less hair you have, the less likely it’ll catch onto wind or some other object and be snatched away from your head.

2. Purchase wig-holding products like glue and caps.
There are many items on the market that are designed specifically for enhancing the grip on your wig. You can also try gel-filled wig bands if you’re worried about weight and heat, since these products can make your head feel heavier and warmer.

3. Bring a head scarf or a hat that ties down.
To reinforce your wig onto your head, you can wear a head scarf that you can tie down. It’ll essentially hold your hair down when it is tied below your chin. You may even try buying a hat that has the option to strap in, too.

4. Hold your hair down when on the ride.
This may seem a little silly, but it’s a common tip from most thrill-seeking wig-wearers. If you’re on a coaster that has grips near the sides of your head where your hands go, hold on to those grips and grab chunks of your hair with it. You’re literally holding down your hair.

5. Avoid intense rides with a wind factor.
This pretty much goes without saying. If you want to make a visit to the park while wearing your wig, just be discerning about the kinds of rides you go on.

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