The Best Hair Colors to Try for Spring 2019
03 / 28 / 19

The Best Hair Colors to Try for Spring 2019

Spring is the perfect time to try a new hair color – one that’ll brighten your mood and match the playfulness of the season.

It is very common for many people to go blonde during this time, but there are other options that could make you stand out above the rest. If you’re looking for something new this spring, try these colors out!

  • Vibrant Red
    The trending hair color of 2019 is the vibrant and bold red, which can give you a very cosmopolitan look, à la famous Hollywood celebrities like Julianne Moore or Amy Adams. But as a hair dye, red is notoriously hard to maintain, requiring you to employ many products for upkeep. The best way to get red hair is to get a red wig. If you use red hairpieces or hair extensions, then you can cut out time devoted to the maintenance and effort.
  • Rose Gold
    This color hit the streets hard, and continues to be a trend today. You can find rose gold in almost every home decor store, and as a featured color in many tech and personal products, like phone cases and make-up. As a hair color, it isn’t too hard to achieve, but it will take an experienced stylist to mix the appropriate color dyes to get this color. For a quick turnaround, try using a wig or hair extension that is already rose gold.
  • Jet Black
    Why be like everyone else and go lighter, when you could make an impression and go darker – much, much darker? A sleek and long hairstyle may give you a very “Cher hair” look, and it’s definitely a look that will stand the test of time (note how the Kardashians have continued to bring that hair back).

Hair color isn’t recommended for everyone, and if you’re experiencing hair loss, the last thing you’ll want to try is applying harmful chemicals to your head. Hair Restoration of California carries a wide selection of hairpieces, extensions and wigs which will make shopping for the color you want a breeze.

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