The Latest in Hair Restoration: Nonsurgical and Feels like Your Natural Hair
05 / 15 / 19

The Latest in Hair Restoration: Nonsurgical and Feels like Your Natural Hair

If you haven’t heard of Virtual Reality Hair as a hair replacement solution, and you’re looking for a legit and innovative way to address your hair loss, then you’re in for a real treat.

What is Virtual Reality Hair?

In short, Virtual Reality Hair is a customized, non-invasive, and efficient hair restoration procedure for helping you feel like yourself again with natural hair that looks like your own.

This treatment uses a skin-like, undetectable membrane that looks and feels like your own scalp. When you or a loved one touches it, you won’t even notice a difference! The hair used is real human hair, and can be styled by any hairstylist to match the look you want.

The best part about this is that there’s very little at-home maintenance for you, and you have access to any Virtual Reality Hair-certified hair studio across the U.S. to come in for touch-ups, upkeep, and any other service needed.

Virtual Reality Hair is for Everyone

It has been a favored hair loss treatment for celebrities in Hollywood for years, and now you can enjoy its benefits with the help of our team at HRC - Hair Restoration of California.

It is offered for both men and women of all ages, and the team at HRC - Hair Restoration of California is trained and up-to-date in this special treatment so that we can provide the best care for our clients.

Treat It Like Your Real Hair

Wash it, rinse it, style it the same way you would your own hair! Unlike other hair pieces like wigs, the care you need to put into maintaining your Virtual Reality Hair is minimal, and it won’t feel like a burden on your daily routine.

Our clients have reported that they were able to partake in normal activities without worrying about their hair, from swimming, to exercising, to even riding a rollercoaster!

How to Get More Information

Our trained team of trichologists and stylists at Hair Restoration of California at both our Los Angeles and Woodland Hills locations are ready to assist you with any question you have about this cutting-edge hair restoration treatment.

Schedule a FREE hair and scalp consultation now using our online form, or give us a call at 310-477-2320 for our Olympic Blvd. location, or 818-999-9952 for our Woodland Hills hair restoration studio.