This Independence Day, Be Careful with Fireworks Around Your Wigs!
06 / 27 / 19

This Independence Day, Be Careful with Fireworks Around Your Wigs!

Back in 2016, a bride in Tennessee was celebrating her special wedding day when her hair caught on fire thanks to a sparkler that was too close in proximity.

During the Miss Africa 2018 pageant, a contestant – who was eventually crowned – was on stage celebrating her win, when a stray sparkler got too close and lit her wig on fire.

These are just some of the horror stories from around the world that prove to you that, yes, you can never be too careful with your wigs around fire! Fortunately, with America’s Independence Day just around the corner, we’ve got some tips to help you and your hair stay safe from the holiday fireworks.

1. Use heat protectant products for your wig hair
These products will coat your hair, helping you to resist heat primarily from heating tools like a blow dryer or flat iron. However, it could aid in protecting your hair from sparklers and flames too. Though, it is not going to be a fool-proof way to prevent your hair from lighting up when fire gets too close, so stay safe!

2. Consider switching to human hair wigs or no wigs at all
Human hair wigs are a little more flame resistant than synthetic wigs, though we still would not suggest you risk it. Most products that you might use to style your human hair wigs may be flammable.

3. Enjoy the fireworks from inside a building
If all you want to do is enjoy the view, then select a place that’s covered so that no debris from the fireworks will land on you. Also, you’ll be away from all the hazards going on outside, unless there’s a person indoors who’s running around with sparklers!

4. Purchase noise makers that do not require flames
There are plenty of other products you can purchase that do not require a flame to be used, like champagne party poppers (you can just pull the string and a burst of confetti will fly out), flameless sparklers (fiber optic wands), and much more. Plus, they’re great for municipalities that do not allow personal fireworks and indoor use!

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