Tips for Women – Preventing Hair Loss
12 / 23 / 19

Tips for Women – Preventing Hair Loss

Hair loss brings forth a multitude of emotions making it a subject often spoken of in hushed tones. But at HRC – Hair Restoration of California, it doesn’t have to be that way. We have state of the art hair loss solutions which can help prevent hair loss as well as deliver effective hair restoration. Let’s bring the subject out in the open and learn some tips for preventing hair loss.

Common Causes of Hair Loss

Nobody wants to think about hair loss, but some hair loss and thinning is inevitable and completely normal. Understanding the causes of greater than normal hair loss is the first step toward a solution. Normally, hair follicles grow hair and then rest, shedding older hair for new growth. When the natural cycle is out of sync, caused by scalp issues or hormonal problems, excessive amounts of hair are lost. A common condition, androgenetic alopecia (female pattern hair loss) comes from an excess of DHT (a testosterone byproduct). Other causes of hair loss in women are autoimmune disorders or other hormonal fluctuations caused by pregnancy or menopause. Medical treatments can also cause hair loss as can some other medical conditions. Lifestyle (veganism as well as too much sugar or mercury in one’s diet)can also cause hair loss.

When to Talk to Your Doctor about Hair Loss

It may be time to speak with your physician if you are experiencing unexplained weight gain which could be a result of pre-diabetes, ovarian cysts, or hypothyroidism all of which cause an increase in hair loss. Birth control medication as well as HRT following menopause can also cause hair loss and discussing the issue with your doctor could help with a change in medication. Other medication which can cause hair loss includes blood thinners, lithium, betablockers, methotrexate, NSAIDs, and antidepressants. Talk to your doctor as changes in medications and dosages can help. If you are experiencing headaches, fatigue, and pale skin, you may have anemia which can cause hair loss.

Preventing Hair Loss

At HRC – Hair Restoration of California, we have compiled these tips to help you.

  • Eat a healthy diet which includes lots of leafy greens, beans, nuts, lean meat, and fish. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, consider increasing your protein intake and add an iron supplement. Ensure you are getting the needed vitamins and minerals which promote hair growth like biotin or B12 supplements. Avoid less-than-healthy habits like smoking and alcohol use which contribute to hair loss.
  • Take care of your hair. Your hair can become damaged if you wash it too often, or use harsh chemicals (relaxing, perms, bleach, and some color treatments) or the wrong products. A nylon or boar bristle brush or a broad tooth comb allow you to gently brush/comb without pulling hair. Take care when using a blow dryer, curling iron, or straightener, as overuse causes your hair to become brittle and thin. Let your hair dry without heat and wear natural styles to prevent loss of hair.
  • Choose styles carefully. Your hairstyle can stress your hair putting to much pressure on the follicles and scalp. Weaves, dreads, buns, cornrows, plaits, braids, and tight ponytails, can result in traction alopecia. When you do wear these styles, avoid metal clips, pins, and other holders.
  • Don’t stress. While it’s true, we all have stress, but excess stress levels cause physical damage including hair loss. Stress causes the body to release chemicals and hormones which cause the hair growth cycle to get out of sync resulting in hair loss. Try reducing your stress levels with exercise, getting plenty of rest, eating well, or practicing yoga or meditation.

Treating your Hair Loss Successfully

The good news is hair loss can be treatable and at HRC – Hair Restoration of California, we can help you create a plan to protect and preserve your hair and help restore you to a full, healthy head of hair. Our hair restoration specialists promise to help you find the ideal hair loss treatment right for you. Call us today and schedule your free consultation. We will guide you through our full range of hair restoration options to find the perfect solution.