Trichological Treatments Explained
12 / 14 / 20

Trichological Treatments Explained

Thinning hair, hair loss, and scalp conditions are common issues that affect most men and women at some time in their life. While hair loss is not a life-threatening medical condition, the psychological effects of thinning hair and hair loss can be complicated. Our hair is an integral part of how we and others see us, and for many people, hair and scalp conditions can be devastating. While thinning hair and hair loss are common issues, it doesn't have to be permanent, and there is a branch of science dedicated to finding solutions for hair and scalp conditions.

What is Trichology?

Trichology is a branch of dermatology that focuses on studying the scalp, hair, and related conditions. A trichologist is a person that specializes in scalp and hair conditions such as thinning hair, hair loss, hair breakage, and itchy or flaking scalp. You can think of a trichologist as your hair doctor and someone you can consult when experiencing hair or scalp issues.
When you consult with a professional trichologist, they will perform a thorough examination of your scalp and hair and discuss any external factors that may affect your hair and scalp's health. While genetic factors often cause thinning hair and hair loss, there are many external factors such as stress, diet, and lifestyle that can have a significant effect on how your hair grows.

A trichologist is trained to promote a healthy scalp and head of hair. Your trichologist can provide you with insight into what factors are causing or worsening your condition and offer suggestions that will improve your scalp and hair's health. If they determine that a medical issue causes your condition, they may advise you to seek help from your primary care physician.

What Are Trichological Treatments?

In addition to offering you solutions that will promote the growth of healthy hair, a trichologist has a wide range of available treatments and solutions for hair and scalp conditions.

Trichological treatments are scientifically proven solutions used to treat a variety of hair issues, including Alopecia Areata, Androgenetic Hair Loss, Telogen Effluvium, Traction Alopecia, Psoriasis, Seborrheic Dermatitis, and dandruff.

One of the most effective and common treatments for people in the early stages of hair loss is topical solutions that help promote healthy hair by directly treating scalp conditions. These products are formulated to ensure that your hair has an ideal environment to grow. These treatments include a full range of hair products and include ointments, creams, shampoos, conditioners, and other topical solutions.

The condition of your scalp and hair is often an indicator of your general health. A trichologist will often use topical treatments as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Treatments options may include topical thickening and regrowth products, supplements or laser hair therapy.

We Can Help!

Hair loss and thinning hair can be a complicated issue with many factors affecting scalp and hair health. Determining the cause of your hair loss is critical as it allows for the most effective solution.

While people often seek advice once they begin to notice an issue, you don't have to wait until you see visible thinning or hair loss to consult a trichologist. Many people choose to consult a trichologist because they want to keep their hair and scalp healthy and reduce the risk of hair loss. To learn more about trichological treatments and how they can help you promote healthy hair growth and help with thinning hair and hair loss, contact us today and schedule your FREE initial consultation.