What’s the Link Between Dandruff and Hair Loss?
12 / 15 / 18

What’s the Link Between Dandruff and Hair Loss?

Having dandruff and experiencing hair loss are actually two separate issues, and they often do not share the same roots.

Thinning hair refers to your hair and hair follicles themselves. It’s defined as losing hair strands either naturally (a normal, healthy person can still lose about 100 hair strands a day) or by other means, like tugging or chemicals.

Dandruff refers to a dry and flaky scalp due to dead skin cells. It is a common condition that many people have and can generally self-treat. However, severe dandruff – called seborrhoeic dermatitis – will require stronger and sometimes professional intervention.

But even though both dandruff and hair loss are not connected, sometimes how you treat one will affect the other.

Those who have dandruff will often experience itchiness of the scalp. That constant inflammation and scratching of your head can actually encourage hair strands to fall off. Additionally, excessive use of anti-dandruff shampoo can also cause more hair strands to fall.

To be sure that you aren’t making your hair loss worse while treating dandruff, switch to products using natural ingredients that are free of parabens and sulfates. Use the product only as often as recommended, and do not over-wash your hair. In fact, while you are washing your hair, scrub gently and give yourself a scalp massage. This will help promote blood circulation to your scalp!

If you use products to combat hair loss, certain chemicals present in those products may actually dry out your scalp, causing dandruff. A common ingredient called minoxidil has been shown to likely cause dandruff in the people who use it. Talk to your hair loss clinician about your concerns, and they will find the best course of action for your case.

If you’re experiencing issues with managing dandruff and hair loss, talk to one of our experienced stylists today. We have helped people all around the Los Angeles area restore their hair using cost-effective methods that work, bringing back the confidence in our patients’ lives.

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