Wig Maintenance Tips
04 / 29 / 20

Wig Maintenance Tips

At HRC – Hair Restoration of California, we offer our clients the highest-quality human hair and synthetic wigs available in wide variety of styles, textures and colors. For centuries, women have chosen wigs to provide an elegant, yet simple solution to hair loss and hair thinning. Today, women choose premium wigs as a seamless and beautiful solution, whether the hair loss they are experiencing is temporary or permanent. Our human hair wigs and synthetic wigs are designed by the world’s top wig designers, the best wigs available from around the world. When you chose a high-quality wig from HRC – Hair Restoration of California, our stylists take detailed measurements to ensure you get the perfect fit for the look you want to achieve, whether natural or dramatic. Once you are enjoying your beautiful, custom wig, you’ll need these helpful tips to keep your wig looking its best and, of course, should you need assistance, our exceptional stylists are always ready to help.

Washing Your Wig

Start by gently removing the tangles from your wig. Next, fill you sink with cool water, slowly submerging your wig, and then adding your favorite human hair wig or synthetic wig shampoo. Always choose the shampoo formulated exclusively for your wig’s composition. Lather your wig gently much as you would when shampooing your natural hair. It is helpful to keep the hair flowing in the same direction to avoid tangling. Rinse your wig completely with cool water. If your wig is created from human hair, you will want to apply conditioner, working to avoid the base cap. Work the condition though the hair to the ends for several minutes. Once conditioning is complete, rinse your wig again in cold water.

Drying Your Wig

Once you have gently washed your wig, you’ll want to dry it properly. Begin by wrapping it in a soft towel and patting it gently dry.

  • For Human Hair Wigs, use a wide tooth comp to detangle (not a brush). Next, blow dry (medium heat) and style your human hair wig. Now, you can use a nylon or boar bristle round brush for styling, blow drying and styling in small sections.
  • For Synthetic Wigs, you should allow your wig to air dry naturally. If needed, you can use a leave in synthetic wig conditioner, as well. In most cases, synthetic wigs should not be blow dried. Style your wig, backcombing the hair gently with your wig comb or wide tooth comb to create a fuller look.

Styling Your Wig, The Details

For human hair wigs, you should use professional heat styling tools with digital temperature controls set at 350°F or lower to ensure you don’t damage your wig. Work in small sections, like you would with natural hair. For loose curls, allow curls to hang free while cooling. For tighter curls, use clips to hold curls in place while drying.
For Synthetic Wigs, which are heat-friendly, take care to follow the guidelines provided with your wig, sticking to low heat. For non-heat friendly synthetic wigs do not use heat for styling, as excessive heat can damage your wig’s fibers. Instead, use your wig brush or comb to create your desired style.

Incredible Wigs Await You at HRC-Hair Restoration of California

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