Will Getting a Perm Cause Your Hair to Fall Out?
04 / 29 / 19

Will Getting a Perm Cause Your Hair to Fall Out?

When styling your hair, whether it’s an up-do or color treatment, some loss of hair may occur despite the level of care and attention you may be giving it. The constant tugging, brushing, and chemical applications will remove your hair to some degree. The same goes for getting a perm. In short, a perm will not cause hair loss – however, it can put you more at risk for it.

A special chemical containing lye is normally used in relaxing your hair, and if it stays too long on your scalp, it can cause a burn which can damage hair follicles. The chemical can also make your hair strands become brittle, causing it to break off over time and appear to “thin out” your hair.

Newer chemicals claim to be friendlier to your hair, but you can always test out the product on a small patch to see how your hair will react to it. Some professional stylists may apply other products designed to strengthen your hair strands before starting the perm treatment.

If you’re worried about getting a perm and how it may affect hair loss, the best solution is to seek out alternative methods for styling your hair, like hair extensions or wigs. You can also use topical treatments for combating hair loss should you choose to get a perm.

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