There’s more than one way to address hair loss. For those who have already lost much, hair systems, extensions, wigs, and other non-surgical hair loss solutions make the most sense. For those in the early stages of hair loss, however, trichology and scalp treatments can minimize shedding and prevent the need for further treatments. We happily offer such solutions to our clients here at HRC - Hair Restoration of California.

When we talk about trichology, we’re talking about the branch of dermatology concerned with the scalp and the follicles. Our stylists are well-versed in trichology, which means we can help determine the underlying cause of your hair loss. It also means we can take restorative measures, making your scalp into a healthier environment for hair growth. Indeed, we offer a range of scalp care products based in the field of trichology, including the standard-setting Head First line.

For some clients, laser hair regrowth works well. Low levels of laser emission can stimulate new blood flow, waking up the follicles and encouraging new growth. This is an especially effective option when paired with topical products. HRC - Hair Restoration of California provides laser treatments both in our studio and for take-home application.

We provide our clients with topical thickening and regrowth products, as well—medicated products that promote a full and healthy head of hair.

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  • I just got my new hair from Hair Restoration of California and it is completely different than previous hair systems I have received from the place I had been going. Difference between the HRC hairs with other hair replacements is that if feel lighter on my head, the hair quality is a lot nicer than what I have been getting. When I run my fingers through the hair I don’t feel the nets and the clips. The Color matched perfectly with my own hair the hair stylist (Lisa) listened to my ideas and taught me how to put on the system on my head. This feels so much more comfortable and more natural looking from my previous hair systems. The hair is not fake looking or synthetic, it does not shine in the light like other hair systems and the curls are very natural. I am very happy with the results.

    — Sally S.

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