In order for your hair to grow, you need a healthy scalp. In fact, many hair loss issues are ultimately caused by poor scalp conditions, which impede the follicles and make regular growth impossible. The good news for our clients is that these scalp issues can often be resolved—and at HRC - Hair Restoration of California, we have a range of proven solutions.

These solutions are rooted in our study of trichology—the field of dermatology that focuses on the scalp and the follicles. Our stylists have ample knowledge of this field, and in fact we are committed to ongoing trichological education. This allows us to consult with our clients on all their hair loss needs, helping them to identify what’s causing their shedding but also how best to address it.

To that end, we provide a full spectrum of trichology and scalp treatments—clinically-formulated products that restore the scalp to its proper function. These products are not one-size-fits-all, and one of our great delights is getting to know clients and showing them which trichology and scalp treatments best fit their needs. We are especially excited to tell you about Head First, an acclaimed line-up of trichology solutions.

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Capilia Head First Hair Loss Prevention

Hair loss can have many potential causes—but the underlying factor is often something related to the scalp. An unhealthy scalp can impede the ability of the follicles to produce new growth—and in doing so, it can lead to thinning hair or a receding hair line. The field of trichology is meant to address these scalp issues and the best trichology program on the market today is Head First. At HRC - Hair Restoration of California, we are proudly certified as Head First Professionals, a designation that makes us true expert in trichological hair treatment.

What is Head First, exactly? It’s a whole line-up of medicated products, all of them clinically tested and proven to be safe and effective at hair restoration. These products are made with natural ingredients, and they work by eliminating unhealthy scalp conditions or follicle impediments. Head First’s lineup includes everything from shampoos to lotions to conditioners.

You won’t necessarily need every product in the Head First line. That’s where we come in. We want to sit down with you for a private, one-on-one consultation. Our certified Head First Professionals will evaluate your scalp and help determine which products you truly need. We’ll create a treatment plan that’s totally customized to fit your situation.

Head First restores your scalp to full health, and in doing so it helps you grow a full and healthy head of hair once more. It can work well on its own or paired with laser hair regrowth.

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Hair loss is often caused by an unhealthy scalp—but trichological treatments can restore your scalp and help you look and feel like yourself again. HRC - Hair Restoration of California provides a range of trichological solutions in our studio. To learn more about scalp treatments, join us in either our Los Angeles or Woodland Hills studio today. Contact us and schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation with one of our trichology pros!