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Causes of Men's Hair Loss

It’s tempting to think that men’s hair loss has just one cause—genetics. It’s true that male pattern hair loss is prominent and that the primary factor here is genetic makeup—but to say that this is the only cause of male hair loss is inaccurate. From medical complications to autoimmune disorders, there are actually a number of reasons why men might lose their hair. At HRC - Hair Restoration of California, our experts can talk with you about your hair loss, take some images of your scalp, and help you determine what the underlying issues are. From there, we can help you formulate a custom action plan, including treatments to help you regain a full and healthy head of hair. Before you do anything else, though, take a minute to review some of the most common causes of hair loss in men.

Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Thinning hair can leave you feeling discouraged. It can make you feel like baldness is inevitable and like there is no solution in sight. That’s never the case. With the proper treatment, hair restoration can be achieved by anyone—no matter its cause and no matter its extent. The first step is visiting HRC - Hair Restoration of California to learn more about hair loss treatments for men.

We have a number of potential treatments and there’s no one “right” answer. It’s all about finding the treatment that best fits your needs and your goals. That’s why we always begin with a FREE consultation, enabling us to individualize our services.

From there, our stylists can walk you through some of the available male hair loss treatments. One popular option is the hair restoration system. This provides a natural and permanent hair loss solution without the need for an invasive transplant. Men’s hair systems are totally customizable, too; we can provide you with a hair system that’s made uniquely for you.

We are proud to offer some of the leading men’s hair system brands, including Virtual Reality and Omnigraph, but we also provide some alternative options. For some men, Live Skin Replica (LSR) is a more manageable way to achieve a full and healthy head of hair. Of course, we are also happy to talk with you about options in trichological treatments, laser hair regrowth, and more.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to settle for thinning hair. There’s a solution that’s right for you and we can help you find it. If you’re in the greater Los Angeles area, entrust your hair restoration needs to HRC - Hair Restoration of California.

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At HRC - Hair Restoration of California, our job is to help each client find the hair revitalization technique that’s right for them—and the first step in that process is a friendly, private, and relaxed consultation. Come meet with our specialists today. Contact us to schedule your FREE consultation.


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  • Been there, done that. Years ago...I decided I needed to look into doing something for myself that nature was no longer doing... KEEP MY HAIR. I stumbled through many, many interviews with all of those Hair Replacement companies, learning a lot along the way. Then on a commercial shoot, a makeup artist said I should see a Hair and Makeup Emmy Winner and former President of the MAKE-UP ARTISTS AND HAIR STYLISTS GUILD. (his clients included, Johnny Carson, Burt Reynolds for On-Camera skits and TV & Movies and in his comeback years, Michael Jackson) As an On-Camera Actor that needed On-Camera help, I still went with apprehension. He suggested a Unit/System/Piece/Rug/PROP rather to stimulate growth. Knowing that the Line wasn't around the block for Hair Re-Growth quite yet, I succumbed to a part-time Hair Unit which I could put-on and take-off at will or On-Camera Job. When it finally happened it changed my life and my work and I began keeping it on more days of the week than not. My Emmy winning hair guy retired and I was at a crossroads... More interviews again... everywhere... Then finally this company, HRC. When I walked in I knew I was in the right place. The Atmosphere, People, Privacy, Care, Compassion were the elements that got me to become a client of HRC. For me, that was well over 10 years ago. Over these years, I've personally found each of the HRC Stylists to be the best and most experienced. With each challenge... as professionals, they meet it with their over 100 years combined experience. Always with their eye to the future, HRC stays up with the leading edge of products available. When you see me on TV or on the street, you'll NOT notice 'I'm Wearing" nor will you know that because of technology presented to me by the Pros at HRC, NOW, I don't take it off except when at HRC for a... Style Appointment in a private room. Be here or be seen.

    — Tom H.

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