One of the most popular options for men faced with hair loss is the male hair system. Men’s hair systems have many advantages, including ease of maintenance, total customization, and—most importantly—the chance to once again have a full, healthy head of hair.

HRC - Hair Restoration of California is proud to offer men’s hair systems from some of the top brands in the world, including our own signature line, Omnigraph. While the different brands vary in small ways, the overall effect is the same. Here’s how they work: A super-thin membrane is fit to your scalp and into that membrane we can insert individual hairs. These hairs can then be cut, colored, and styled however you like.

These hair systems for men provide a lasting solution and they can withstand any lifestyle—even intensely athletic lifestyles. The technology used in these hair systems for men is highly advanced and the end result is totally natural; nobody but you will know you’re wearing a hair system.

Each hair system is made uniquely for you—which means the starting point is visiting our Los Angeles or Woodland Hills studio space to have measurements taken. We invite you to learn more about the men’s hair systems available from HRC - Hair Restoration of California.

Omnigraph Hair Restoration System

Total hair restoration is possible—without the need for surgery, for clips and tape, or even for routine maintenance visits. The answer lies in Omnigraph hair restoration systems, the signature line offered here at HRC - Hair Restoration of California. We developed the Omnigraph system to provide men in the greater Los Angeles area with a permanent solution to their thinning hair and receding hairlines.

This men’s hair system really becomes a part of you; it involves a micro-thin membrane that’s applied to your scalp and into which individual human hairs are placed. The end result is a truly natural-looking hairline. You can even have an extremely close-to-the-scalp hairline and nobody will know that you have a hair system.

In addition, Omnigraph allows for full customization. You can cut, color, and style the hair however you want. It doesn’t require any maintenance in our salon, either; you can take care of your Omnigraph hair at home, simply by shampooing and conditioning just as you would with your naturally-growing hair.

Indeed, the properties found in naturally-growing hair are also found in Omnigraph. It offers:

  • A naturally contoured hairline that begins with irregularly spaced hair increasing in density as the hairline progresses.
  • Visible scalp beneath the hair, from the hairline though the crown.
  • A flow and bounce to the hair that allows it to line naturally even when it's messed.
  • The capability of the hair to turn and toss in wind, rain and water.
  • Multiple directional movement of the hair for unlimited styling options.

The first step toward full hair restoration is visiting us in our salon space for a full consultation, either in Los Angeles or in Woodland Hills.

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Virtual Reality Hair Restoration System

The men who come to us looking for full hair restoration don’t want anything they have to fuss over; they want something that will be easy to deal with, permanent, and completely natural-looking. For those men, HRC - Hair Restoration of California is proud to offer the Virtual Reality men’s hair restoration system.

Unlike a hairpiece, this hair system actually becomes part of you; it’s not something that you wear, but something that’s an extension of your own scalp. The technique involves applying an invisible, nonsurgical derma lens, sort of like a contact lens, into which human hair is inserted. This human hair can then be styled, cut, and colored however you want it. It is made to be compatible in color, density, curl pattern, and texture to your own hair. That’s one of the beautiful things about a hair system: It’s made uniquely for you.

The end result restores you to a full and healthy head of hair, and with it, it reestablishes your self-confidence and your youthful feeling. It’s also something you can enjoy without the need for a lot of ongoing maintenance. All you have to do at home is wash, condition, and style—just as you would with natural, growing hair. You may also wish to come see one of our stylists for the occasional tweak—again, think in terms of a normal haircut appointment.

No matter the kind of lifestyle you live, men’s hair systems can accommodate—even if you’re into regular exercise and brisk athletics. The first step toward getting a Virtual Reality system is to meet with us in our salon space, where we can take some measurements and answer any questions you may have about Virtual Reality hair restoration systems.

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For men seeking a natural-looking, permanent, and low-maintenance hair loss solution, men’s hair systems are an ideal choice. They make it easy for you to restore your full and healthy head of hair—and to start feeling your youthful self-confidence again. The first step is meeting with us in either our Los Angeles or Woodland Hills salon to have measurements taken. We invite you to contact us today to schedule your appointment with one of our hair restoration experts.