For women who have natural hair growth but desire greater length or volume, extensions can be a perfect solution. We are proud to provide a range of human hair extensions here at HRC - Hair Restoration of California, in addition to various hair pieces and toppers. These solutions allow for an integrative approach—a way for women to use their natural, growing hair while also achieving the fullness they desire. Our stylists only offer customized solutions and are standing ready to show you some hair toppers and extensions that help you achieve all your hair restoration goals. Visit us in our studio space to learn more.

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Ultratress Hair Extensions

For women who desire greater volume or length, hair extensions can be a sensible solution. HRC - Hair Restoration of California provides our clients with only the best extension products, foremost among them UltraTress human hair extensions. These are integrated into your growing hair to help you achieve the density you seek; they are low-maintenance and work well with any lifestyle. In many ways, they become a part of you, and soon you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. UltraTress extensions are environmentally safe and are never tested on animals, which provide true natural hair care. Best of all, UltraTress extensions provide you with a full and healthy head of hair, without the need for a transplant. We’re always delighted to talk with clients about UltraTress extensions and human hair toppers.

Affinity Hair Extensions

At HRC - Hair Restoration of California, we delight in showing clients hair solutions that precisely fit their needs—and for many women, that means Affinity human hair extensions. Affinity Hair Extensions use a safe and unique application method, making them easy to apply to areas of the head where ordinary hair extensions cannot be placed, including the areas high up on the temples as well as on the anterior mid-scalp. Affinity extensions are made to preserve your existing hair, and they are perfect for ladies in need of hair that is thicker, longer, or has more body. Visit us in our studio to ask about Affinity hair pieces, extensions, and toppers.

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For women who want to augment their naturally growing hair with additional volume or length, extensions and toppers can be game-changers. HRC - Hair Restoration of California offers extensions and toppers from the world’s top brands, and we are always eager to show you options that will help you meet your hair restoration needs. The first step is calling us to schedule a FREE consultation, either at our Woodland Hills or Los Angeles location. Contact us today to make an appointment with HRC - Hair Restoration of California.