For women struggling with hair loss, a hair system can be the best solution. Not only do they restore a full and natural head of hair, but they are relatively low on maintenance; they don’t require invasive surgery; and they can accommodate lifestyles of any kind, including brisk athletics.

HRC - Hair Restoration of California is proud to provide hair systems for women from some of the world’s leading brands. While they work in slightly different ways, the basic premise is the same: A super-thin membrane is custom-fit to your scalp. Into that membrane, human hairs are inserted, one by one. After that, our stylists can cut, color, and style the hair however you like; whether you want to replicate the look of your natural, growing hair or explore a whole new vibe, women’s hair systems will allow it!

The first step is making an appointment at one of our two locations—Los Angeles or Woodland Hills. There, our stylists can take measurements and show you some options for your female hair system. Whether you choose Virtuesse, Hair Integration, or another option entirely, we know you’ll be delighted by the results of your hair system.

Hair Integration

For some women, hair loss can be extreme. For others, the effect is more measured. Maybe that’s the boat you’re in. Maybe your hair has thinned, yet you still have some naturally growing hair that you don’t want to part with. That’s where the Hair Integration system comes into play. Hair Integration solutions allow us to add hair to what’s currently on your head, creating a natural look that gives you the length and the volume you’re after. We are proud to deliver this solution to clients at HRC - Hair Restoration of California.

This is not a wig or a hair piece; it’s something that we integrate naturally with your growing hair, to the point that it’s indistinguishable. It truly becomes a part of you. And, Hair Integration is completely customized, which means we tailor it to meet your hair restoration needs and to present you with the look you want.

It’s comfortable, too—weightless, easy on the scalp, and low on maintenance. Beyond routine styling, there’s not much you need to do for your Hair Integration system, which makes it a preferred option among women who seek simple, no-fuss solutions.

If you’ve experienced some minor or moderate hair loss, or some of your hair has become damaged, there are ways to rehabilitate it—and one of our favorite options is Hair Integration.

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Virtuesse Hair Restoration System

Wave goodbye to hair problems—whether that’s thinning hair, alopecia, or chemical damage. Virtuesse helps women across the spectrum to look and feel beautiful and natural again. Totally maintenance-free, this high fashion, non-surgical wonder is natural looking, quick, easy, and affordable. It’s one of the top women’s hair systems in the world and one that we are happy to offer here at HRC - Hair Restoration of California.

But what makes Virtuesse hair restoration solutions so desirable? The secret is that this isn’t a hair piece; it’s not an attachment, or something you wear. It actually becomes a part of you. Once your Virtuesse system is in place, it will be indistinguishable from your natural, growing hair. You’ll be able to sleep in it, exercise in it, shower in it, and more. And, there’s no care or maintenance required, outside of normal grooming and styling.

With Virtuesse, you can feel youthful again. These women’s hair solutions are totally customized, which means your Virtuesse product is made for you and you alone. You can use it to recapture your natural look, or to give yourself a makeover. The choice is yours and our highly trained stylists can help you cut, color, and texture the hair however you like it.

This hair loss solution has been a favorite in Hollywood and now it’s available to anyone and everyone. The first step is joining us in our Los Angeles or Woodland Hills studio space, where we can take some measurements, show you some different options, and guide you toward the hair loss solution that’s right for you.

HRC - Hair Restoration of California is a leading name in treating hair loss, and we invite you to learn more about Virtuesse hair restoration solutions.

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Women’s hair loss can be demoralizing. It never has to be permanent. Take the first step toward a full, healthy head of hair by reaching out to HRC - Hair Restoration of California. We provide a full range of hair restoration solutions to women in the greater Los Angeles area and we would love to show you some female hair systems that can help you look and feel like yourself again. It begins with a FREE consultation. Schedule an appointment today; contact HRC - Hair Restoration of California and ask about women’s hair systems!