There’s more than one way for women to deal with hair loss—and typically, the most desirable solutions are those that don’t require any kind of surgical intervention. HRC- Hair Restoration of California is pleased to present our clients with a full spectrum of non-surgical solutions, making total hair replacement as accessible as possible.

Start with our women’s hair systems, which provide a full and healthy head of hair without the requirement of a hair transplant. Women’s hair systems provide lasting results, little to no maintenance, and compatibility with any lifestyle. These systems truly become a part of who you are.

Additionally, we provide our clients with graduated enhancement. This is recommended for women who prefer something subtle; it allows us to slowly add a little bit of hair incrementally, meaning the results won’t be as dramatic or as shocking. It gives you plausible deniability that you have simply “grown” this hair on your own.

Here at HRC - Hair Restoration of California, our primary goal is to help each client find the hair replacement solution that’s best for their needs.

Graduated Enhancement

Women faced with thinning hair want to find a quick and full solution. And yet, that doesn’t always mean they want an abrupt or dramatic transformation. Some women seek a hair replacement option that’s subtle—making it seem as though they are naturally re-growing their hair. That’s what Graduated Enhancement provides and it’s something we are proud to offer our clients here at HRC - Hair Restoration of California.

Graduated Enhancement involves a hair system that increases volume slowly, in increments. The result is something that’s not detectable. Rather than suddenly having full, long hair you can simulate the cadence of natural hair growth—giving you plausible deniability as to whether you’re using a system at all.

This is a non-surgical method that allows women to once again have a full and healthy head of hair—on their own terms! And, like all the hair systems we provide here at HRC - Hair Restoration of California, Graduated Enhancement non-surgical hair loss solutions provide little to no maintenance and can be compatible with any lifestyle.

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Total hair restoration is attainable—and without the need for an invasive surgery. We’d love to show you some of the non-surgical treatments available and to talk with you about how these treatments can provide you with a full, healthy head of hair once more. The first step is meeting with us in our Los Angeles or Woodland Hills studio for a FREE consultation. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with the HRC - Hair Restoration of California team!