For centuries, wigs have provided women with a simple, elegant, and effective hair loss remedy. We are proud to provide our clients with this classical look and to offer a wide range of wigs for women whose hair loss is likely to be temporary. (In particular, we are pleased to provide wigs for women undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.) At HRC - Hair Restoration of California, clients will find human hair wigs of the highest quality, and in every conceivable style. We are also pleased to offer cutting-edge synthetic wigs. No matter the look you’re seeking, you can find a wig to match it in either our Los Angeles or Woodland Hills studio space.

Human Hair Wigs

For women faced with sudden hair loss, it can be vital to find a quick and seamless solution. Often, human hair wigs fit that description. No matter the style of wig you’re looking for, you can find it at HRC - Hair Restoration of California, where we are proud to carry wigs and hair pieces from the world’s top designers. Our stylists will take the measurements needed to ensure a perfect fit and show you some wigs that provide just the color, style, and texture you desire. We invite you to visit us in our studio space to learn more about human hair wigs for women.

Synthetic Wigs

Historically, the highest-quality wigs have usually been made from human hair—but that’s not necessarily the case any longer. Advances in synthetic wig material have provided women with a lot of new options. In fact, synthetic wigs can be so life-like and realistic, it’s impossible to tell that they aren’t made from human hair. Our stylists provide a full range of cutting-edge synthetic wigs for women in every possible color, texture, and style. No matter the look you hope to achieve, we have a wig that can make it happen. Join us in our studio space to be fitted for a truly refined, breathtakingly beautiful synthetic wig.

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Women faced with hair loss want a dependable solution that will help them to look and feel like themselves again—and for many women, an elegant wig is just the solution. At HRC - Hair Restoration of California, we are a leading source of high-quality wigs for women, in a full array of colors and styles. We invite you to find a wig that’s right for you. It starts when you join us for a FREE consultation and wig fitting. Contact us in either our Los Angeles or Woodland Hills studio today and schedule your appointment.